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Lockdown Poem by Owl

12 March 2021 Written by

Year 5, Term 3, Week 3

15 January 2021 Written by

Hi Year 5, 


You will all be coming into school today, but here is some learning to keep you busy before you come into school! 


We will see you later today- please make sure you are on time. Your adult will need to wait outside so that they can sign the form once you have finished. 


*There will be no Zoom today* 

Year 5, Week 2, Term 3

07 January 2021 Written by

Hello Year 5, this will be the blog for the first part of this week- then we will be moving over to google classroom! (Exciting!) 

 Until Google Classroom is set up we will be continuing to do Zoom Calls at: 

 8.30am- registration and look at today's learning 

2.15pm- registration and share your learning 



Term 3, Week 1 Blog

05 January 2021 Written by

Hello Year 5! Unfortunatley we are back in Lockdown, which will run until half term. This means we are going to resume online learning. 


However- learning will be different this time. For this week we will post the learning on the blog as usual. Next week we will contact you to come into school and collect a chromebook if you do not have a device at home, and you will use this to access Google Classroom. We will teach you in small groups how to use this. Then each day Miss Campbell, Mrs Jackson or Mrs Irfan will lead online learning in something called a google meet- which is like a zoom call. 



This week we will Zoom call each morning to discuss your work for the day. On Zoom you MUST mute yourself immediatley, and only unmute if you are asked to, or you will be removed from the call and your parents will be contacted. 

Year 5 Isolation Home learning ( 30.11.20- 4.12.20)

26 November 2020 Written by

Hi Year 5's (Nagie!!) 

Year 5 (Week 4) Isolation Home Learning

18 November 2020 Written by

Hello to those of you who are unfortunatley having to self- isolate at home! This blog will have daily Maths, English and Enquiry work for you. 


You need to email a picture of your work each day to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view 


We look forward to hearing from you! 

Year 5 November Home Learning (02.11.2020)

01 November 2020 Written by

Hello Year 5!

We hope you had a lovely and restful half term. As you know, we are unable to be in school this week as we are self-isolating. This means you will have home-learning this week. Each day we will upload Maths, English and Enquiry activities to keep you busy.


You can email photos of your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for us to see! You can also use this address for any questions you would like to ask. One of the Y5 teachers will get back to you as soon as possible. 


Feel free to use the comment box below to check in on your friends or update us on how you are doing! 

Year 5 Display Boards

10 September 2020 Written by















Click here to see our new class display boards...

Year 5 Summer Holidays!

17 July 2020 Written by

Congratulations to our Year 5s for completing another year at school. You're about to the final step in your primary school journey as Year 6s and to help you get ready over summer, Mr Cook and Mrs Smith haved provided a selection of links and resources you can use.

Year 5 - Arts Weeks

10 July 2020 Written by

Hello Year 5 - This week is arts week for home learning. 

Please have a go at one of the activities.

We would also like a book review from you to go up in your new classroom - make them beautiful!


We really want to see your work - please send us pictures or bring it in to school if you are in Thursday/Friday!


Have fun!

Mrs Smith and Miss Goddwin


Year 5 - Week 6

03 July 2020 Written by

It was so great to see so many of you last week

Have a great few days of learning at home if you are in Group B; we will see you on Thursday.

Those of you not coming in to school please keep going with your home learning every day!

Year 5 - Term 6 - Week 5

26 June 2020 Written by

Home Learning - change of structure

Everyone needs to do Day 1 and Day 2 Activities (on the days you are not at school if you are in). 

Day 3 (Wednesday) is a creative task for EVERYONE!

Those of you not coming in - also have Day 4 and 5 Activities.


Year 5 - Term 6 - Week 4

19 June 2020 Written by

Back to school video- please watch! Please let us know if you are returning so we can make appropriate provision.



Term 6 - Week 3 - Year 5

12 June 2020 Written by

Friday - an important message from the Year 5 Teachers. 


Term 5 - Week 2 - Year 5

05 June 2020 Written by

Week 2 Learning!

Don't forget we are calling you Tuesday mornings now - it was great to speak to over 80% of you this week!

Are you keeping up to date with the news? Watch this:

(Did you see the rocket launch last week?)

TERM 6 - Week 1 - Year 5

19 May 2020 Written by

Welcome Back!

There will be new work here for you each day - check it out and do your best!

**Work will be uploaded by 5pm the night before for the following day to help you get organised!**


We will now be calling you on Tuesday mornings - be ready for us to ask you all about your learning.

You can do it Year 5 - let's make this term count!

Miss Goodwin and Mrs Smith

Year 5 - Home Learning - Week 7

15 May 2020 Written by

Hello Year 5!

You are doing an excellent job - MIss Goodwin and Mrs Smith are so impressed with your effort!

Please keep going - we know it's tough!

Send your work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - we love seeing it!


We will be calling you again this week - look out for our call!


Year 5, week 6 home learning

10 May 2020 Written by

Hello Year 5 and welcome to another week of home learning.

This week in Maths your focus is on the time. In English you will be continuting with The Explorer.

 As always, there will be some PE from Mr Rosetti and some extra activities too.

This week it would be great to see at least one thing from each of you. Tweet us your work @HannahMorePri or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you to those who have been consistently sending in work- you are amazing ! If you haven't yet, its not too late to share what you've been up to and be added to the gallery at the bottom of this blog page.

Year 5 - Week 5 - Home Learning

01 May 2020 Written by

Hello and welcome to week 5!

It's another week of home learning so check back each day for some Maths and English activites. There is also some art, geography and, as usual, some fantastic PE from Mr Rosetti.

Both Mrs Smith and Miss Goodwin are missing you lots and are very proud of how well you are managing these difficult times and continuing to try your best. Remember, you can show us what you are getting up to by sending pictures to @HannahMorePri on Twitter or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It's not just your teachers that are missing you... all the staff at Hannah More are feeling a bit lost without the children and have been busy making a little something for you all. Have a look below!


Year 5 - Home Learning - Week 4

24 April 2020 Written by

Week 4

Another week of home learning is upon us... switch on your brain, dust off your books and get ready for some great learning.

More mulitiplication in maths, the next chapter of The Explorer and some excellent P.E, Art and Geogrpahy to get those brain muscles going. 

Ramadan has begun for our Muslim classmates - we really hope that this will be a special time for you at home with your families. If you would like to learn more about Ramadan watch this great programme. 


Make sure to email us photos of your hard work and exciting activities so we can add them to the gallery ! (It also make us really happy to see what you're getting up to)

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Miss Goodwin and Mrs Smith

WEDNESDAY PHONE CALLS - We can't wait to speak to you all again this week!


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