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Year 5

Year 5 Skip into October!

11 October 2019 Written by

Walking History

04 October 2019 Written by

Year 5 Walking History

04 October 2019 Written by

Historians and Archaeologists!

18 June 2019 Written by

Year 5 classes had a visit from Michael Gorely this morning to do a workshop with us all about the history of Ashton Court Mansion.

Dance, dance, dance!

11 June 2019 Written by

Both Owl and Dove classes are enjoying some dance lessons based on carnival music.

Paws B!

26 March 2019 Written by

Owl Class are enjoying mindfulness lessons delivered by Lily this term. We are enjoying these sessions because we are learning lots of new things about our brains and bodies that we didn't know!

Train Ride!

13 March 2019 Written by

Both of the Year 5 classes have enjoyed a ride on the train to explore the Severn Beach Line! We went from Bristol Temple Meads station to the Seven Beach station.

Year 5 meet a celebrity!

27 February 2019 Written by

Katrina Hart, a World championship Gold Medallist came to visit Hannah More today!

Helping the homeless!

14 February 2019 Written by

Year 5 enjoying making cakes to help the homless people in Bristol today.

Hannah More's Birthday

08 February 2019 Written by

Today is Hannah More's Birthday !


Year 5 has been busy learning about Hannah More - If Hannah More was alive, she would have been 273 years old!

The fittest class!

07 February 2019 Written by

Owl class have worked really hard to win the Travel Tracker competition this term!

Safer Internet Day!

07 February 2019 Written by

Year 5 enjoyed learning all about how to keep safe on the internet in their lesson today.

Swimming with year 5

08 December 2017 Written by

Year 5 have been doing amazing swimming this term!

Our friction experiment

17 November 2017 Written by

In year 5 we did an experiment about friction.

Reading for pleasure

20 October 2017 Written by

This week we have been doing reading for pleasure.

Year 5 leant about songs the slaves sang

13 October 2017 Written by

We learnt songs that slaves used to sing.



Written by Amal and Muhudin

A Viking Invasion!

08 October 2017 Written by

We had an unusual visitor in year 5....

Tetrahedron challenge

25 June 2016 Written by

On Wednesday, Willmott Dixon came to school and delivered a workshop to Year 5 Dove.

Year 5 Take a Pirate Tour

23 June 2016 Written by

On Wednesday 22nd June both Year 5 classes took part in a pirate tour around the floating harbour.

Year 5 Enjoy Local History Week!

08 June 2016 Written by

This week Year 5 have looked at how St Phillips has changed since the Industrial revolution. They have had fun creating short pieces of drama. Read on to find out more...

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