Year 5 - Term 6 - Week 5

26 June 2020

Home Learning - change of structure

Everyone needs to do Day 1 and Day 2 Activities (on the days you are not at school if you are in). 

Day 3 (Wednesday) is a creative task for EVERYONE!

Those of you not coming in - also have Day 4 and 5 Activities.


Day 1 (Everyone)

Formal Written Multiplication

Learn | Activity | Answers



Learn | Activity (and Answers)



Day 2 (Everyone)

Formal Written Multiplication

Activity (and Answers)


Using Prepositions to write a setting description

Look at this picture of a waterfall. Think carefully about you can see. Write down five ideas.

Write three descriptive sentences about the image that include a preposition or prepositional phrase at the start of your sentence.


'Far below the booming waterfall, a man stood staring at its enticing glow.'

‘High above in the twilight sky, the glowing light danced in the man’s eyes.’

Top tip!

  • Remember, prepositions or prepositional phrases can be used in different places within your sentences. In this example, a prepositional phrase has been used at the end of the sentence:

‘The dragon focused in on the cascading waterfall as he flew within the thick cloud’.




Day 3 (Everyone)

Exciting Paintings





You only need to do the next work if you are NOT coming to school. This is what we will be covering in school. 


Day 4 (If you are not coming to school)

Multiplying decimals by 10, 100, 1000

Learn | Activity | Answers


 Using colons and semi colons 

Learn | Activty | Activity 


Day 5 (if you are not coming in to school)

Dividing decimals by 10, 100, 1000

Learn | Activity | Answers


 Reading comprehension

Read both parts of the text and then answer all the questions.

Text part one | Text part two 

Questions part one | Questions part two

Challenge- Write your own questions for a family member to answer


PE for everyone


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