Year 5, week 6 home learning

10 May 2020

Hello Year 5 and welcome to another week of home learning.

This week in Maths your focus is on the time. In English you will be continuting with The Explorer.

 As always, there will be some PE from Mr Rosetti and some extra activities too.

This week it would be great to see at least one thing from each of you. Tweet us your work @HannahMorePri or email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you to those who have been consistently sending in work- you are amazing ! If you haven't yet, its not too late to share what you've been up to and be added to the gallery at the bottom of this blog page.


Well done for making it through another week of home learning! Enjoy your activities and then have a nice relaxing weekend.


Today, I would like you to use all your time knowledge to play the following games:


Reading Comprehension - There  is 1 star for an easier option but most of you shuld be going for the 3 star one on page 7-9

Main Activity



This week you have 3 creative challenges. Click here to see them! You can do as many as you like, when you like ! Let us know what you think of them :)





Previous Learning




Activity  | Answers part one | Answers part two

Buttercup activity | Buttercup answers

Helpful video | Miss Goodwin's helpful video


The Explorer Chapter 23- Explorer School

Watch | Read

Today you need to:

1. Choose 5 words from the chapter that either your don't know or you find interesting.

2. Find the definition / meaning and write it down.

3. Write a sentence using that word or *CHALLENGE* a paragraph using all 5. 

4. Practise a line of joined up handwriting of each word. 

EXTRA: Can you write a summary of what happens in this chapter in only 3 sentences?





Activity | Answers

Buttercup activity | Buttercup answers

Challenge | Challenge answer


Grammar - Relative Clauses


Main Activity | Answers


 Buttercup Watch Buttercup Activity




Activity | Answers






Activity | Answers

Buttercup activity | Buttercup answers





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    who has the secret of the vault 13 I only know that me and miss Goodwin have it

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    Ridwan are you here

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    Hello everyone

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