Year 4


23 September 2019 Written by

Year 4 were working really well in teams to design and build a bridge. Their challenge was to only use 2 materials: Newspaper and cellotape!


They made some impressive model bridges - Take a look at us working collaboratively below and pop into our classrooms to see what they look like...

Book Worms!

23 September 2019 Written by

We are loving reading in The Hub with our class friends. We enjoy exploring new books as well as choose some to take home with us to read with our families!

Ships Ahoy for Year 4 yesterday!

22 February 2018 Written by

They had an exciting visit from a pirate yesterday! 

Year 6's online good deeds

07 February 2018 Written by

Today we considered what 'good deeds' we can do online to stay safe.

Christmas party

14 December 2017 Written by

Year 2 and 4 had a ball!

Year 4 swift drumming lesson/Year 4 swallow Test

08 December 2017 Written by

Year 4

17 November 2017 Written by

Year 4 African drumming!

10 November 2017 Written by

Year 4 illustrators!

20 October 2017 Written by

This week we learned about how to illustrate stories during our reading for pleasure lessons.

Flying frogs and dragons!

13 October 2017 Written by

Year 4 have been busy journalists this week, writing newspaper reports about shocking events that have taken place recently.

African Drumming

11 October 2017 Written by

Year 4 have been learning how to drum. 

Black History Week in Year 4!

06 October 2017 Written by

Year 4 learned about aparthied and the South African flag this week.

Virtual Reality Headsets with Google at Hannah More!

16 March 2017 Written by

On Monday 13th March, Google came to Hannah More with their Virtual Reality (VR) Headsets!

Here are some blog posts from Year 4 Swift children. 


World Book Day in Swift Class

04 March 2017 Written by

We had a lot of fun at Hannah More on World Book Day this week! Here are some of the pictures, and a blog from Frankie (Y4 Swift). 




Safer Internet Day - 2017

10 February 2017 Written by

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, Year 4 took part in Safer Internet Day: an e-safety event that happens all around the world.


Poetry in Year 4 ...and a competition!

22 October 2016 Written by

Place Value Learning in Year 4 Swift

01 October 2016 Written by

This week, Year 4 have been representing numbers using place value counters and recording this with iPads. 


Year 4 visit the Roman Baths

18 September 2016 Written by

Year 4's topic for the term is The Romans! So on Thursday we all took a trip to the Roman Baths in Bath! 

Tower Making Competition

11 September 2016 Written by

The children had the challenge of creating the tallest
strongest tower that could stay standing against the “Hairdryer of DOOM” on
Friday morning.

WhatsApp Image 2016 09 10 at 19.48.16

Making cars in the Play Pod

08 September 2016 Written by

This afternoon Year 4 Swift has been practising their team building skills in the Play Pod.

The Play Pod is a fantastic resource we have here at Hannah More that the children can use during their lunch time to build things and be creative with. The children worked as a team to make cars out of the amazing materials and resources that we have in our fantastic Play Pod in the playground which the children can use during lunchtimes.

Their task was to work together as a team to build a car. They were told that the winning team would be the one that showed the best team work skills. They began by huddling in their teams (as the photos show) to discuss their plan and what resources they might want to use from the Play Pod before they began to build.

Both teams worked collaboratively and shared ideas, respecting what each other brought to the team and the building process. They both came up with very unique cars, all with enough seats for each member of the team and were very excited to get in and take it for a spin. It was great to see that both cars came with seatbelts fitted into every seat!

Take a look at the photos to see what amazing creations they came up with!

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