Term 6 - Week 3 - Year 5

12 June 2020

Friday - an important message from the Year 5 Teachers. 



Good Morning and happy Friday! There is no science/enquiry today - please focus on doing a great piece of writing!

LO: To write a recount


Adding and subtracting decimals 

Learn | Activity 

Buttercup - Adding fractions


Previous Learning 


Planning a recount

Complete this planning sheet ready to write your own 'Toad's  Story' tomorrow. YOU NEED TO HAVE READ or WATCHED YESTEDAY'S CHAPTER FIRST!


 Subtracting Decimals 

 Activity  | Challenge | Answers

Butercup- Subtracting Decimals 

Learn | Activity 

Science: Asexual Reproduction in Plants

Learn | Activity






Reading: Animals of Farthing Wood

Chapter 3 - Toad's Story


Read and/or watch (above) the chapter and the answer the questions. 



When you have finished: Watch this episode of the animation HERE.


Adding decimals 

Learn | Activity | Answers

Buttercup - Fractions 

Learn | Activity | Answers


Science - Life Cycle of a Plant

Watch the videos and try the quiz HERE.

Grammar - Adverbial Phrases




Adding decimals

Watch the video below (I promise its Miss Goodwin..... the camera cut of my head!! Sorry)


| Acitvity | Answers



Learn | Activity


Science: Parts of a flower

This leads on from parts of a plant yesterday. Read the fact cards and the try copying the diagram of a flower and label the parts with the correct word and description.

Fact Cards | Activity


Try this CHALLENGE game. (student620 | HannahMore)





 Here is your lovely work Year 5. Science this week is all about plants - enjoy!


Acitvity | Anwers



 Learn | Activity  | Answers


Punctuation -  Direct Speech


For the activities we would like you to write this out with correct punctuation (even if you have a printer) - a good chance to practise your JOINED UP HANDWRITING!

Read it out loud - it will help you notice which parts are being spoken and need speech marks (inverted commas). 

Main Activity  | ANSWERS

Buttercup Activity | ANSWERS

If you want a challenge - try this Quiz (Student620 - HannahMore)


Science: Why are plants important?

Watch this video and the complete the activity below.


Parts of a plant: Activity






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