Year 5 - Home Learning - Week 4

24 April 2020

Week 4

Another week of home learning is upon us... switch on your brain, dust off your books and get ready for some great learning.

More mulitiplication in maths, the next chapter of The Explorer and some excellent P.E, Art and Geogrpahy to get those brain muscles going. 

Ramadan has begun for our Muslim classmates - we really hope that this will be a special time for you at home with your families. If you would like to learn more about Ramadan watch this great programme. 


Make sure to email us photos of your hard work and exciting activities so we can add them to the gallery ! (It also make us really happy to see what you're getting up to)

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Miss Goodwin and Mrs Smith

WEDNESDAY PHONE CALLS - We can't wait to speak to you all again this week!



Happy Friday everyone!

Well done for making it through another week of home learning... you're doing such a great job! If you want to share anything with us, remember you can email or tweet photos.


Today is a chance for a challenge.

 Click here for your activity

Buttercup group, click here for your activity.



Today is a reading lesson from BBC Bitesize based on The London Eye Mysteries  Follow along here. It is based on a different text to stretch those brains. Listen to the extract an then compete the activities below.

Buttercup group - same for you but your extract is from 'The Worst Witch' (one of my favourites!). Try it here.

Enjoy a different type of lesson and let us know how you get on!


Previous Work




Activity Answers  |Buttercup activity  | Buttercup answers


Activity |  Answers




Activity Answers  |Buttercup activity  | Buttercup answers

Video help


The Explorer - Chapter 21

Fishing In The Dark

Watch | Read Part 1 | Read Part 2

Questions | Answers




Activity Answers  |Buttercup activity  | Buttercup answers






ActivityAnswers  |Buttercup activity  | Buttercup answers


Video | Quizzes | Activity |  Answers

Buttercup - Video | Activity


Wider Curriculum





Have a try at drawing these mountains. Can you make them look 3D, using the techniques you learnt last week?


If you have a printer you could colour some of the beautiful Ramadan illustrations - if not try and copy them. You could try making this Ramadan Lantern and decorate it - it's very easy. 




More About Mountains

There are 5 different types of mountain - learn about them, explain them, demonstrate them and take the quiz to check your knowledge.



Read this. (Hopefully this a recap from last week) 

Watch this:



Complete this activity.



Try making them using paper and different folds. Follow these instructions.  


Quiz - Test your knowledge!

Try this mountain formation quiz (Remember: User: Student620 Password: HannahMore)




We love seeing your work as well as the other things you have been up to. Great to see people using their art kits from Studio Meraki as well as others geting crafty on their own! Keep up the good work Year 5!


  • Comment Link mahamed 05 May 2020 posted by mahamed

    ramadan kareem

  • Comment Link maida 05 May 2020 posted by maida


  • Comment Link Alyssia-mae 29 April 2020 posted by Alyssia-mae

    It wont let me watch the video so i dont understand what to do

  • Comment Link Mohamed abdullahi 29 April 2020 posted by Mohamed abdullahi

    Question in maths c it doesn’t say the awnser , while I was editing my work.

  • Comment Link Yahya 29 April 2020 posted by Yahya

    Hi guys Ramadan Mubarak and wish u all a happy new year
    Inshallah you’ll all be blessed by allah
    Mashaalah for whoever’s fasting

  • Comment Link Yahya 28 April 2020 posted by Yahya

    whats up guys its ramadan and nearly eid whoever is fasting may allah bless u with a fresh new start of ur life and its going to be eid too yaaa on eid it will be great im sure lol see you. back in a few months

  • Comment Link yahya 28 April 2020 posted by yahya

    i prayed. everyday what about u guys ?
    just wanted to say as well ramadan mubarak nearly. eid yaa ['"} lol and wish all happy day bye

  • Comment Link Mrs Smith 28 April 2020 posted by Mrs Smith

    Send us your art pictures - who can draw the best mountain? Who can draw the most detailed Ramadan picture?
    Let's share our art work!

  • Comment Link ismail 27 April 2020 posted by ismail


  • Comment Link Yahya 27 April 2020 posted by Yahya

    mee tooo ramadan kariim

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