Year 5 - Term 6 - Week 4

19 June 2020

Back to school video- please watch! Please let us know if you are returning so we can make appropriate provision.



Report Writing




Click here to see your challenge today. Answer a few of the 'would you rather' questions and then make up your own.

If you'd like to play a maths game with a parent of older sibling today click here. (There is a link on the page to play on a tablet)

Once you have finished, go on to TT rockstars and complete a soundcheck

Watch these short videos about the lifecycle of plants - then try to draw the life cycle of a plant.

(student620 HannahMore)


Previous Work 


Report Writing

Tomorrow you are going to write a report about the 'Animal Departure from Farthing Wood'. It will include sections about: why they need to leave, who is leaving (which animals are included), where they are going and why and details about the journey.

Watch this video to explain how reports are written and then try the quiz. 


Angles around a point




Learn | Activity 

Watch these short videos about the lifecycle of plants - then try to draw the life cycle of a plant.

(student620 HannahMore)




Chapter 4 - Preparations

Read / Watch 


Angles on a straight line




Activity | Answers

Buttercup- Horizontal and vertical lines

Learn | Activity | Answers

Plant Drawing - have a go at a more detailed drawing of a plant. Can you label the parts?

Using a relative clause


Write the sentences out - joining them with a relative pronoun (who, which, when, where, whose)

Activity 1 | Activity 2  (Activity 2 is more challenging)


Compare and order angles


(if you need more support, click on the 'learn' link below)

Buttercup - Compare angles 

Learn | Activity | Answers




Happy Monday! NEW MATHS TOPIC: Angles - how exciting! 

Identifying angles

Click on the 'learn' link first, for some help from Miss Goodwin, then complete the activity

Learn | Activity | Answers


Buttercup - Right angles

Learn | Activity



Punctuation -  Brackets for parenthesis


Activity 1 | Activity 2


Life Cycles in Humans and Animals




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