What is the governing body?

The governing body has nine members. Some are parents of Hannah More children; others are members of the local community, one is chosen by the local authority and one is a staff representative. We have three teams who meet regularly to look at various aspects of school life. We meet as a full governing body at the end of each term.  We regularly visit school to monitor and evaluate particular aspects of the school such as behaviour and safety.

You can contact the Chair of Governors via the school office or by email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Our role is to:

  • Work with the Head Teacher to determine the overall direction of the school
  • Oversee the budget
  • Help recruit staff
  • Monitor how well the school is doing and how well pupils achieve at Hannah More.
  • Advise on school policies and procedures

Meet the governors

Name: Ali Hassan, (Co-Chair) Coopted Governor

Job: IT manager 

Governor Role: Named Governor for Health and Safety

Why I am a Governor: I am an IT manager at a local housing association in Bristol, socially and culturally connected to many parents who send their children to the school. My children attend Hannah More school. I believe that all children should have the right education before they reach adult life. 

I can use my Information Technology skills and relationships with the communities to contribute to a cause I really care about: children's education. Everyone has Value. Everyone has the potential to give back. That's why I am a Governor of Hannah More school.


Name: Robin Geller, (Co-Chair) Coopted Governor

Job: I am now retired from my role as Chief Operating Officer of the University of Bristol.  I volunteer at a number of local charities and am a Board member of two other organisations - Young Bristol and London Marathon Events Limited. 

Governor role:  I am a co-opted governor and the link governor for Finance. 

Why am I a Governor?: Since retiring, I have been looking for volunteer roles where I think that I can make a difference by contributing some of the skills I acquired during my professional career.  I  believe deeply in the importance of education in the development of young people, and ultimately to improving the society we live in. I am delighted to have been accepted onto the Board of the Hannah More Primary School which is a well-run school that strives to serve all if its students well - whatever their background and whatever their educational strengths or challenges may be.  


Name: Amy Creech Coopted Governor.

Job: I am a lecturer at City of Bristol College where I teach in the higher education department.

Governor role: I am the link governor for Pupil premium and named governor for Children in Care.

My children attended Hannah More and I got involved with the governors because I believe passionately in the importance of education, and was very proud to be a part of the Hannah More community. I want all of our children to have access to high quality, well rounded education.

Name: Michael Carter - LA Governor

Job - Teacher
Governor role - Link governor for maths. 

Why I am a governor?

Not as some short-term opportunity to look good on my CV, I'm here as a governor for the long term. Nominated by the Labour Party back in 1993, I see being a governor as using my skills and experience to the benefit of my local community. Trying to hold onto my beliefs as to what is important in education, whilst deciding which of the latest crazy ideas from politicians should be thrown out. Schools should be about the pleasure of lifelong learning, not a place where pupils are assessed just so league tables can be compiled and where schools and staff are only as good as the previous year’s results. I want to see Hannah More Primary School as a place where both the children and the staff who work there thrive, and will recall with pleasure, their time at the school as they move forward in life."

Name: Joe Cook,  Co-opted (staff) governor

Job: Teacher

Governor Role: Named governor for safeguarding 

Why I am a Governor: As a member of the school staff, I'm passionate about helping our school community and the children we serve to succeed. I see my role as to provide an 'on the ground' perspective to the governing body's decisions and ability to support and challenge school leadership.

Name: Bob Rocca,  Elected staff governor

Job: Premises Manager

Governor Role: Link governor for SEN

Why I am a Governor: I have been a staff governor for almost a year now; already employed as the Premises Manager this has enabled me to become fully involved in the governance of the school. I am able to represent the staff’s views at meetings and share my knowledge of the school with governors. I am entirely committed to raising attainment and working towards our goal to become an outstanding school. I feel, that as a team of governors, we are all committed to putting children’s education and needs first to give them the best start in life and education. 

Name: Bern Leckie, Parent Governor

Job:  I am head of music for a national children’s radio station and work freelance as a producer of websites, podcasts and other media

Governor Role: Link governor for the curriculum (Enquiry) and English

Why am I a governor? Hannah More Primary School is central to the community I’ve lived in for over 10 years, and my family wants to see it thrive. I have previous experience as an exam board subject officer, a children’s media company director, and a volunteer reading buddy at this and other schools. I’m passionate about bringing understanding and creativity together to help people learn and grow. As a governor, I enjoy learning about how the school’s diverse community works. I can also use my coaching and evidence-gathering skills to help support and challenge the leadership to give students from all backgrounds the best possible start in life.

Vacancy - Elected parent governor

Vacancy - Coopted Governor

How Are We Organised?

The Full Governing Body meet 4 times a year.

In each term each link governor meets with their key staff member to review the impact of their work and find out more about what they are doing. The link governor reports form a crucial part of the Full Governing Body meeting as they offer the whole governing body an insight into the work of several key staff members in the school. The discussion around the report informs the link governors' next meetings. Three times a year the governing body organise a teaching and learning review (GTLR) when they explore in a 'hands on' way some of the themes that have been a focus. They may watch lessons or look at books, speak to teachers or children and senior leaders.

Governor attendance at meetings 2019-20



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