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10 September 2020















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Dove class made our display by using to Dove templates which we covered in a collage of pictures of ourselves from over the last Year- the pictures include some of our favourite class memories. We also wrote some words on feathers that represent us as a class. 


In Owl class, we've created an owl by doodled a feather each about what makes us special and unique.


  • Comment Link summeya 15 September 2020 posted by summeya

    i hello its summeya from yr5 owl

    Owl-i love our display and the wings i am so proud of my class i think we worked hars on it

    Dove-i love your dove and pictures and feather i think your display is fantastic

  • Comment Link C Blackhurst 11 September 2020 posted by C Blackhurst

    BFG class think that the birds look very lovely and we that the feathers have been made to look very soft!

  • Comment Link Kestrel class 11 September 2020 posted by Kestrel class

    Owl - what a beautifully bright, colourful owl! You must have worked so hard on it.

    Dove - the Dove of all your faces is beautiful. We really liked your descriptive feathers too!

  • Comment Link Eagle Class 11 September 2020 posted by Eagle Class

    We love both displays!

    Owl - your owl is very cute looking and we think it really shows your unique styles. The head looks like it took a lot of effort!

    Dove - we LOVE the photos in your dove and collage nest is very effective!
    from Eagle class

  • Comment Link Swallow Class 11 September 2020 posted by Swallow Class

    Dove Class, we really like the colourful feathers with the words on them. We also like how the dove is made of different photos!

    Owl Class, we like how your picture is of a big owl! We also like how colourful your feathers are and how much effort went into each one.

  • Comment Link Swift Class 11 September 2020 posted by Swift Class

    Swift Class really like the photographs in Dove's display showing your smiling faces. We also liked the way you had a Dove on it.

    In Owl's display, we liked the way your feathers created a big Owl - it looks perfect in our opinion. So colourful!

  • Comment Link Kingfisher Class 11 September 2020 posted by Kingfisher Class

    Hi Year 5,
    We love all the colours on your displays and love how you have personalised them! Kingfisher Class.

  • Comment Link Owl class 11 September 2020 posted by Owl class

    Dove class, we really like how you have put all your favourite memories together. We think the feathers look like they are floating down gently.

  • Comment Link Year 1 11 September 2020 posted by Year 1

    Hi Dove,
    We think your display is delightful. We like all the feathers and we talked about what they mean. We love seeing all the things you did last year. The Gruffalo class especially like this display because you are our special buddies.

    Hi Owl class,
    We love your owl, it looks very friendly. We can see how special and unique you all are. Elmer class are sending a special hello to all our Owl class buddies. From year 1

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