Celebrating success

Each week, a child from every class is chosen as 'SuperKid' if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.

The Learning Champions for term two are


Orlando - It has been an absolute joy to watch the Gruffalo Learning Champion blossom this term. He is so immersed in his learning and often says how much he enjoys it. He has loved reading after school with Vicki and moved up several book bands. He is kind, helpful and has grown in confidence so much. We are all really proud of him.

Adam - This person is the Elmer Learning Champion because of the resilience and strength he has shown throughout the entire year. He has faced many challenges this year and yet has remained focused on his learning and being a good friend to all. I was so proud to give him the kindness award yesterday. It is privilege to have you in Elmer Class.


D'lion - Enormous Crocodiles learning champion is someone who has improved this term by working really hard and listening carefully to adults in the room! He has been really engaged and resilient in his learning, and really persevered with his presentation. He has impressed all the adults that work with him with his mature attitude he has been showing, both in the classroom and outside. We are all so so proud of you and keep it up D’Lion!

Abdullahi - My learning champion goes to a special person who has been so committed to his learning this term. He always gives 100% to his work and I have seen lots of progress! He does all this, whilst having a lovely smile on his face! My learning champion is Abdullahi! Well done!


Ibtisam - Woodpecker’s learning champion is someone who always tries their hardest, always has a positive attitude and always does her very best work for every lesson. Not only this but she is always looking out to help her partner and those around her and encourages them to spot any juicy mistakes and edit their work. She is such a kind and caring friend and has such a generous nature which I can see when she makes and shares presents with her friends. I am so proud of you – well done Ibtisam!

Fayola - Kingfisher’s learning champion is someone who always makes me proud and makes me smile. She is a kind and thoughtful member of the class who takes care of all her friends. This learning champion is determined to persevere with any task no matter how difficult and always has a positive attitude no matter what. This term she has really impressed me with her careful work as a mathematician and has been asking so many questions to further her knowledge. Well done – you are such a brilliant member of the class! My learning champion is Fayola!


Mushtaaq - At the beginning of Year 4, this person hated getting pinks in her books! However, throughout the year she has tried her best, begun to believe in herself more, isn’t afraid to make mistakes and has grown in confidence hugely! Now, at the end of Term 2, Mushtaaq knows that pinks help her learn and is always ready with her green pen to correct them. What a superstar! I am so proud.

Abubaker - This learning champion brings a smile to our faces every day!  He is always inquisitive and eager to learn about everything.  He puts lots of effort into his learning and has made brilliant progress so far in Year 4 in every subject.  He is a kind and thoughtful member of the class who loves to cheer people up and make them laugh. It’s a delight to have him in the class. Well done Abubaker!


Sumaya - This Learning champion always tries hard. She puts 110% effort into her work and always has a fantastic learning attitude. She is curious, engaged and open-minded. She worked so hard on her role in the play and acted with fantastic expression, pace and tone. It was a pleasure to watch her perform. Well done Sumaya!

Binta - This person has made ALL the adults in Year 5 proud this term. She has made huge progress in her maths work as well as improving her reading and writing. This person has become more and more confident in her learning as the term has gone on and enjoys sharing her work with others. As well as this, she is an amazing friend who is a lovely role model for her peers.


Yonis - I have been hugely impressed by the progress our learning champion has made this year. He has a proactive and confident approach to learning and is showing increasing resilience when things are tricky. He can collaborate well with partners and is even beginning to support others with learning tasks. His growing confidence has been a pleasure to watch and I know he’ll be ready to be a fully independent learner by the time secondary school rolls around! Keep it going!

Valeria - This learner is astonishing. She is focused, determined, creative, respectful and most of all growing in confidence. Despite missing huge chunks of school this year, her progress has not been interrupted because of amazing independent learning. I am so impressed with the maturity she has shown and I am so pleased to call her a member of team Eagle! Well done Valeria!

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