Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as "Super Kid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

The current superkids are:


I have chosen this Superkid because they are always working hard and are always trying their best. They will ask adults for challenges and when something is difficult they don’t give up but will ask for help so they can get the task done. They also help others to solve their problems and will cheer them on so they don’t give up. They are a kind and caring member of Ladybird class.


This superkid has shown great leadership, organising others to play a game. He listens carefully and is always keen to do his best learning. This week he has remembered to work really carefully in phonics and produce his best sentences. Well done Ridwan!

YEAR 1 GRUFFALO - Zedeciah

This superkid is an absolute star! He is trying so hard at his reading and writing and is making amazing progress. He has written a version of The Night Gardner all by himself, using capital letters, full stops and even some adverbs. He is so polite, kind and friendly and is a credit to the Gruffalo team.
Well done Zedeciah!


The Superkid in Elmer class always shows Gold Standard behaviour by listening to others, taking turns to talk, showing AMAZING manners and being respectful all the time.
This week as a Mathematician this Superkid has been determined to complete tasks independently and has succeeded!
Keep up the hard work Noba!

YEAR 2 BFG - Shay

This superkid is engaged, enthusiastic and hard working! She has a brilliant attitude towards her learning and is constantly challenging herself to do more. I have noticed over the last few weeks that she is becoming increasingly resilient when faced with tricky maths challenges and is using previous learning and making links to help herself. She is extremely empathetic and is always looking out for others in the class, including her teacher! It is such a pleasure to have her in BFG. I’m very proud of you – well done Shay.


This child is an absolute delight and has such a lovely attitude towards his learning. He is always enthusiastic about the learning, however challenging, and absorbs himself in the learning activities. This week he has been a fantastic Scientist when writing about animals in the Savannah, and I can see how much care he has taken over his presentation and work to make it the best it can be. Keep being such a superstar Jamal!


I am amazed by this superkid every day! Even though he is very new to English, he is joining in with maths lessons and even putting his hand up to give answers in class. Other members of staff have told me how brilliant he is in lunch club and how nicely he plays with the other children. He has made so much progress in the last few weeks in all areas. Well done Danilo!


My superkid has had a brilliant term and an even better week! She has made amazing improvements in her writing and is starting to do more and more of our challenges in writing. She has been focused and in engaged in every input by putting her hand up for nearly every question! She is a kind and caring friend and can always be relied upon to be polite and welcoming to any new adults. Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Khalid

This super kid has had an amazing week, he has shown respect to adults and tried his best in his learning, though he does this every week. The reason I have chosen him this week is because of his amazing resilience in his swimming lessons. This super kid was a little unsure about going swimming, but he overcame this and showed us he can in fact swim better than a fish! Holly and I are so proud of how you tackled this challenge and can’t wait for next week’s lesson!


This person is my super kid because it has been such a delight to see the ‘light bulb’ flicker in him several times this week. He has been so absorbed in our Maths lessons, focusing on the learning and standing his ground when answering questions (even when he wasn’t right, he acted with such confidence, it was admirable). He has been asking some thoughtful questions as well, which enabled deeper thoughts and learning in the classroom. Keep it up Mohamed!

 YEAR 5 DOVE - Cisman

This superkid has had a fantastic week. He has made a huge effort to improve his presentation and has been taking much more pride in his learning. His participation in lessons has soared and he is much more focused in lesson times. His collaboration with his partner has also improved greatly thanks to his growing confidence. Fantastic Cisman, keep it up!

YEAR 5 OWL - Alyssia -Mae

I have been impressed by this superkid the past few weeks. She is striving to include everything asked of her in her writing and she puts huge effort into all her learning. She puts her hand up to give ideas and opinions. Her confidence in her learning has grown massively – well done – Alyssia Mae!


I am so impressed with the calm, mature behaviour that I have seen from my superkid this week. She has taken every single piece of work seriously all week, ensuring that she puts maximum effort in. Not only that, but I have seen a real effort to work in harmony with those around her, creating a safe and happy working environment for herself, others and Miss Skinner this week. Thank you, Katra

YEAR 6 KESTREL - Mohamed

Our superkid throws himself into every challenge and is becoming a highly accomplished learner. He thinks flexibly and creatively about his maths and always puts in the best effort into all subjects. He works extremely well with his partner and is increasingly confident to share ideas and contribute to class discussions. Keep it up!

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