Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This week Eqlas has been working so hard on managing her emotions and behaviour in all areas of her learning.
She is making amazing progress in her phonics, and is trying really hard to make the right choices inside and outside the classroom.
Well done Eqlas!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Salman

 This week Salman has been showing amazing resilience skills when doing his writing.
He is trying so hard to use his phonics sounds and tricky words, and listens well when the adults ask him to check his work for juicy mistakes.
Well done Salman.

YEAR 2 BFG -Mohamed Abdi

Mohamed has really impressed me this week. He has been incredibly absorbed in his learning and yesterday wrote a fantastic recount of The Pirate Cruncher. It was fantastic to see his beautiful presentation as this is something that he has been working on since September. His love of learning is inspiring and it is a pleasure to have him in my class. I am very proud of you Mohamed – keep it up! 


Suber has had a fantastic week and I have noticed he has really been challenging himself more to improve in his English. He wrote a lovely recount of the Pirate Cruncher and really worked hard to include more detail and accurate spelling – something we have been working hard on in class! He also showed resilience and stamina to write as much as possible during this activity even though it was a tricky task! I am very proud of you and your work Suber , Keep it up!


This superkid has had a brilliant week. Both myself and Miss Malik have noticed how hard he has been working in his writing and maths. He has been completing all the work in class time and has even completed some challenges as well! On top of this he has been extremely kind and helpful all week. He has noticed when other children needed help or support and has shown enormous amounts of empathy towards them. Well done Ammar!


This superkid is an incredibly hardworking girl. She puts so much effort into her work and her books are beautifully presented. She was brilliant in maths and her defeat the beast story was a great read however the best piece of work she has done this week was in engineering. I was terrified by her green monster! Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Zachariah

The Swift class super kid this week is actually brand new to our school! He dove straight in to life in Swift class and has settled in fabulously. He is engaged in learning and participates by putting his hand up, he has already made lots of friends and has shown himself to be a fun and kind member of the class. It has been lovely getting to know you this week- a huge well done and welcome to Zach!


I have chosen this week’s super kid for consistently being such a positive role model and a hardworking member of the class. He listens attentively and responds appropriately during lessons. He gives his all to every piece of work. I’m looking forward seeing Vega continue to make brilliant progress in his learning.

YEAR 5 OWL - Iqlas

I am enjoying the increased confidence that this superkid is showing in her learning. She is working really hard to improve her work and her focus has meant she is finishing her work and challenging herself.
She particularly impressed me with her focus as a mathematician this week, she has been methodical and has absorbed herself in the formal multiplication method and had HUGE success! Well done Iqlas!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Osman

This superkid has taken on all the new learning this week with as great big smile and a whole lot of determination. He has surpassed the expectations of his teacher (and Lisa!) in Maths and has also written a wonderful description in English. As an artist this week he collaborated well with his group to design a wonderful volcano and practise the skills needed to make it. If all new learning is approached this way he is going to be amazing this year!

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Eagle

Valeria is the superkid in Eagle class because she has shown kindness and patience with her friends. She has encouraged others to make good choices and has taken her work seriously in all areas this week. She has shown respect to all adults and has even worked hard to include children that are new to the school in other year groups – especially using her incredible language skills!

YEAR 6 KESTREL - Zakaria

Zakaria has had an excellent week in Kestrel Class. He has shown a superb attitude towards his learning and has applied himself consistently well in all lessons – demonstrating gold standard. Zakaria has displayed maturity particularly well this week as there have been many changes in the adults working with the class. He has set a good example to others and execelled. He should be proud of himself! 


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