Celebrating success

Each Week, one child from every class is chosen as "Superkid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the Week.

This terms Learning Champions are:


The Superkid this week has been committed to working on their listening skills. They has been putting their hand up to share their ideas instead of calling out answers or talking over others on the carpet. They have found that we can further our learning when we listen to each other’s ideas. This Superkid has shown a great deal of maturity this week. Keep practising your listening skills Tobias. Well done!


This superkid has been showing a real enthusiasm for her learning this week. She has engaged in lots of different activities in busy time with a beautiful painting and lots of practising her sounds and writing.
She has been making a real effort to join in with carpet sessions and has made great progress learning her sounds. Keep it up Sara, well done!


This week’s superkid is always smiley and ready to learn. He is a brilliant mathematician and loves a challenge! This week he has especially enjoyed exploring the world, using an atlas and has shared some fascinasting facts about different countries with the class. He is an absolute pleasure to have in the class and teaches the adults new things all the time!
. Well done Noah!


At the very beginning of term it was tricky for this child to settle, however now that he has he is flying!  He is really focused on the carpet and his confidence is beginning to grow.  He shows curiosity in all aspects of his learning and works well collaboratively!  The Superkid in Elmer this week is Darcy! Well done.

YEAR 2 BFG -Matteo

This week’s Superkid is a excellent learner who is always absorbed, shows brilliant dedication and takes pride in his work to ensure it is the best that it can be. This week he used all the skills he has learnt this term and his excellent imagination to write a fantastic persuasive advert for Traction Man. He has also been challenging himself this week as a scientist by making links to the learning we are doing in class to his previous knowledge. He is an absolute role model to all the other children in the class – well done Matteo!


Amahra is always a delight to have in the class. She is an absorbed, engaged and resilient learner who keeps going even when she finds things difficult! This week she has been a brilliant mathematician when talking about fractions. She has also been doing lovely fluent reading this week and has carefully worked on things she found challenging before, both at home and in school. I love seeing Amahra take pride over all her work and presentation. She always tries her best and will always try to improve which is a great attitude to have as a learner. Keep it up Amahra!


This superkid is always engaged in her learning. She listens carefully and loves finding ways to keep improving her work. She challenges herself in all her lessons and shows determination to succeed. On top of this, she is an absolutely amazing role model for gold standard behaviour in Kingfisher Class and can always be relied upon to do be doing the right thing. Well done Sireen!


Ella-mae is a very respectful and thoughtful person. She’s enthusiastic about all of her learning and is always keen to try her best! She is always welcoming to new adults and is curious and interested when we learn about new things. This week she has been fab at fractions and has written a great alternate ending! Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Muhamed M

This superkid has not only had a fantastic week, but a fantastic term. I have been very proud of his efforts in his writing, particularly his very persuasive letter about Varjak Paw. He has been rehearsing very well for our upcoming play- Ms Sokoni and I were so impressed by his loud, clear and confident voice- I can’t wait to see him in the performance! Well done Muhamed!


This super kid has been ‘ON FIRE’ in our maths lessons this week. Whilst we’ve been learning about fractions, Tegan has worked wonders coming up with clear and concise definitions of fractions, improper fractions and how to calculate equivalent fractions. AMAZING! She has also made superb efforts to get all her learning done within lesson times. Her confidence is growing and so is her brain-power. Keep it up Tegan!

 YEAR 5 DOVE - Yonis

Wow,what a week of learning this superkid has had!  He has surpassed all the adults expectations as both a mathematician and as an author.  His contributionsn in lessons have grown week on week and heis now an active member every day.  It has been wonderful to see his confidence in hmself and his capabilities grow and myself, Alex and Lisa would reaaly like him to know how proud we are of him.  Continue as you are Yonis and this year will be a brilliant one.  Thank you!

YEAR 5 OWL -Ridwan

Wow, just wow! This Superkid fills the adults’ hearts with joy. He has been abundantly kind, caring and polite this term and asking his teacher how she is and telling her to have a lovely lunch tme have made her day.
On top of all that, his learning is moving forward in leaps and bounds. His engagement is reaping the rewards – so much great work in all his lessons.


This person has thought carefully about ways she can improve from last week and has showed a new calmness to her day. She spent a lot of time helping others to make good choices in a kind way this week and has been able to admit when she has made a mistake. Vic was really impressed with her maturity in the hub on Wednesday and Mrs Winterbourne has also seen fantastic respect, making Miss Skinner very proud.


The Kestrel Superkid has impressed me with her enthusiasm for learning. Always willing to share her ideas, answer questions and read the class novel aloud - she might come across to other as shy and quiet but in class she is flying. She shows respect to everyone and will without fail offer to help others. Her calm and thoughtful manner is something all should aspire to. The superkid in Kestrel is Nawal.


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