Celebrating success

Each week, a child from every class is chosen as 'SuperKid' if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.

The current superkids are:


Aiez - This Super kid has really grown in confidence since the beginning of year 1. He has independently used a part-part-whole model to solve problems and is beginning to understand the bar model. He is making new friendships and always comes to school with a smile on his face.

Kavya - This super kid has been brilliant this week. Her independent writing about Princess Campbell was beautiful and she remembered her finger spaces and full stops. She completed her maths work with confidence. She is a kind friend to all children in Elmer class


Eqlas - This Superkid has been so well behaved in the classroom this week. She has not let changes in the normal routine disrupt her learning and has impressed her teachers. She is becoming much more independent and has been reading her lines in the performance with so much enthusiasm. Well done Eqlas!

Darcy - This Superkid has worked so hard this week! He always impresses me with his mathematical abilities and his lovely, sweet and caring attitude in class. He has been making lots of effort in his behaviour at lunchtimes and I have really enjoyed having him in the class as he is always pushing himself to be the best that he can be! Keep it up, Darcy!


Issa - Woodpecker’s Superkid is always enthusiastic, always tries his best and is always such a pleasure to teach. He was such a superstar when he performed in our shadow puppet show and his expression and keenness were lovely to see. His teacher is very proud of him – well done Issa!

Jamal - The Kingfisher Superkid was a fantastic representative of our school when his teacher was away this week. He showed off the Hannah More values of respect and determination to the supply teachers and really made us all proud. He is always polite and was the only one to ask Miss Mahmood how she was when she returned! Thank you for being a super star Jamal


Francesca - Wow this superkid has grown so much in confidence over the first 7 weeks of Year 4. She has taken so much care over her writing this week and as a mathematician she has shown amazing focus and is determined to learn from her mistakes. She knows that mistakes help us to learn! Sonia and Miss Skinner are so proud of this superkid!

Emelle - This superkid has transformed into an amazing author this week! The dedication, effort and focus that she has shown while writing her story have been phenomenal. She’s thought hard about the characters and the plot and used brilliant punctuation and vocabulary throughout. As well as this, she’s a kind and helpful member of Swallow class who always tries her best. What a brilliant week! Well done Emelle


Lorenzo - This superkid has had two fantastic weeks. This has been noticed by staff and by his class mates. He has managed himself in a very mature way when dealing with tricky situations and has been able to make the right choices. He has worked really hard in class and his resilience is growing. We're very proud of you. Keep up the hard work, and well done Lorenzo!

Thalia - This superkid has had a really positive attitude to school this week. She has tried really hard to stay focused and has been a very helpful member of the class. She always takes great pride in her learning and joins in with class discussions with enthusiasm. Adults have noticed she has been very polite to them this week and it has been lovely to see how proud she has been of herself. Keep it up Thalia!



Amelia - This superkid has adapted to the challenge of life in a new school (and a new country) incredibly well! She has learned the rules of the classroom quickly and always sets an example to others. She works hard and gives everything a go, even when things are tricky. She has also made many new friends already, with her warmth and positivity transcending the language barrier!

Ayman A - This Superkid has been working really hard to manage his distractions and focus on learning. His story writing has been fantastic, he has challenged himself continually in maths and his beetle sculpture is amazing. We are so proud of your achievements this week Ayman!

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