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Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. During lockdown, with so many children working hard at home, we'll be choosing one in-school SuperKid and on home-learner SuperKid from each year group. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.

The Learning Champions for Term 4 are


Mohamed Ali - This child has really impressed the adults this term with how engaged he has been with his learning. He has shown adults how independent he can be, getting on with his work by himself at his table and putting lots of effort into his presentation. He always remembers to use full stops and capital letters and his writing has improved so much over the last few weeks. You can tell this child really loves being at school and working hard! Everyone in Lavender is very proud of our Learning Champion!


Hadiya - This Learning Champion always listens carefully and is so focused on her learning - working hard and trying her best even then there are distractions. She is very respectful to children and adults and is so kind and carin too. She is so independent, is always busy in busy time and often leads others with her ideas. She is a fantastic example to her class and is a delight to have in Ladybird. Thank you Hadiya!


Gruffalo: Sophia - Our Learning Champion has progressed in all areas and is fast becoming an independent, resilient learner. Her focus and determined attitude over this term has amazed all the adults in the Year 1 team. She has given everything her best shot and is always ready to learn. She has grown in confidence and her hard work has really paid off.

Elmer: Zayaan - The Elmer Learning Champion is a mature and confident member of the class. He is always determined to do his best. However, he is not worried if he does make a mistake in his work as he knows he can learn from it. He loves completing challenges and working on his maths and writing skills. He also loves sharing with his friends what he has learnt. This Learning Champion has great amibitions and already know that he would like to go to University to study Brazilian birds! You are fantastic!


BFG: Amaya - This Learning Champion has made astonishing progress in her reading this year. She has been engaged in her learning at all times and always tries her best. Because of this, her progress in all subjects has been fantastic. She has worked hard in her maths and is beginning to show mastery in all that we have been learning in Year 2. Her writing is interesting and well written and she is good at using her word mats and resources to help with her spellings. I have been impressed with her resilience and she really sticks at her work, striving to get it finished to a high standard. If she keeps this up, I can see her going very far indeed! Well done Amaya!

Enormous Crocodiles: Zedeciah - This Learning Champion has impressed the adults that work with him so much this term. They are all bubbling with pride. This person doesn't always find things easy but he shows determination and resilience in his learning and keeps going in the face of challenges! As a result, he has made some great progress in his maths and reading over the term! He is always the first to offer to share with others and help them if they are upset. He is a pleasure to teach and has such a lovely attitude and enthusiasm to learning. Well done Zedeciah and keep it up!


Kingfisher: Amahra - Kingfisher's Learning Champion tries and tries no matter what work she is doing. Her reading has come a long way this term because of her fantastic effort and resilience. She always has her hand up on the carpet and joins in with every class discussion! She always has a beautiful smile on her face and makes everyone in the class happy! Keep it up Amahra!

Woodpecker: Eba - Woodpecker's Learning Champion is someone who always puts in maxiumum effort whether that is during remote learning of learning at school. No matter how challenging things get, this Learning Champion will never give up. She is such a hard worker and I love receiving stories and times tables that she has written at home without being asked, on top of the six pages of homework she challenges herself to do every week! You are such a star Eba - well done!


Swift: Safia - This Learning Champion has come back to school since lockdown with a new fire for learning. She has particularly impressed me with her writing this week when she wrote a powerful speech about plastic pollution. This Swift always strives to improve in any way possible and shows fantastic determination and resilience. I have a feeling she'll go from strength to strength!

Swallow: Jasmine - This Learning Champion has such a thirst for learning. She loves finding new facts and is always enthusiastic to share her learning with the rest of her class. She also listens really carefully to advice from the adults so she can keep improving her work. Her enjoyment of school shines through everything she does and she is a pleasure to have in the class. Well done Jasmine!


Owl: Mahamed H - This Learning Champion has shown a huge improvement in his engagement during lessons. He is really pushing himself to go that extra mile and is showing lots of enthusiasm in his learning - especially in maths. He has worked really hard on making positive choices inside and outside of the classroom. We are really proud of how mature Mahamed has become over the term.

Dove: Aiyana - This Learning Champion could have been chosen as Superkid every week this term. She is always engaged in her lessons, she is the first to share her creative ideas but is also excellent at listening to and respecting other peoples ideas. She wrote a fantastic resolution and ending to our story 'The Explorer' and really made an effort to challenge herself with her sentence structure and choice of vocabulary. Fantastic work Aiyana!


Eagle: Muaad - This Learning Champion has been impressive both at home and at school this term. All the adults that have worked in Eagle class have been impressed with an increased amount of maturity and respect. I have really enjoyed seeing him grown as an independent learner and make good progress despite all the difficult circumstances. I really can't wait to see how far you can stretch yourself the rest of this year Muaad. I am proud of you.

Kestrel: Sara - Our Learning Champion this term has been someone who has grown phenomenally in maturity over the last two terms. Both at home and in school, their focus and effort levels have improved massively and the quality of their work has hugely increased. In the classroom, they are focused and engaged and out on the playgroud they are polite, calm, settled and full of respect to all. The change and the new positive, mature approach to school life has been brilliant to see. Keep it up!

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