Celebrating success

Each week, two children from each year group will be chosen as a 'SuperKid'. These will be children who have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently, throughout the week.


Abdullah - What a brilliant week for this hardworking Superkid. He has been engaged and focused in every lesson, putting his hand up at every opportunity to ask questions and take part in discussions. He has especially enjoyed talking about our story 'Augustus and His Smile' and has written some great sentences to describe parts of the story. As scientists he showed enthusiasm and curiosity during a flower hunt where he explored the school garden and asked appropriate questions about the different flowers he could see. It is always such a pleasure to have your smiley, happy face in Lavender.


Reel - This Superkid has shown increasing enthusiasm for her learning. She has become more confident and resilient when she gets stuck and has been doing lots of independent writing! Her focus in whole class sessions has been fantastic too. Keep it up! Well done Reel!


Gruffalo: Sarvagyan - This Superkid is a lovely child who always sets a good example to others. He has really impressed all the adults in class this week in science with his thirst for knowledge about different animals and his careful listening skills. He was able to clearly explain the differences between different animal groups fantastically for other children in the room! We also noticed how he rose to the challenge to improve his handwriting this week, and he wrote a beautifully presented setting description with lovely prepositional language and adjectives. Even Mrs Barbour commented on how lovely his work was! Well done you super stay Sarvagyan!


BFG: Amal - This Superkid comes in every day with the biggest, happiest smile ready for her learning. She has been working so hard as a mathematician over the last couple of weeks to tell the time and learn to read scales. She also did a brilliant diary entry to show what life was like for a Victorian child and made sure that is all made sense. Keep it up Amal - I've very proud of you!

Enormous Crocodiles: Idrees - This Superkid is such a kind and caring pupil. This week he lent his jumper to someone who was cold and helped another to find their coat. He also reads alongside other children who need a bit more practise and support. He is an excellent role model and team player. This Superkid always works hard in his lessons. His presentation and handwriting are always excellent. This term he has been trying to make his writing make sense and happily listens to all his teacher's advice.


Lashayah - This week the Superkid in Year 3 has shown super resilience and determination when working to complete tasks in class. She has shown that even when she finds it a little bit tricky she will not give up - a fantastic quality to have! We had a lovely time at the trip where all the right choices were being made by our Superkid which meant we had lots of fun. She has come a long way and we are so proud of how she is becoming a mature and sensible individual and we can see she is ready for Year 4! Keep up the good work Lashayah!


Swift: Kyra - This week, the Superkid hasn't aimed to impress. She hasn't shown off or tried to prove her very best. She's simply worked hard to do her own best. She's someone I've always been able to rely on to put 100% effort and commitment into her work, to build her own skills and impress themselves. As a result, her work has continually improved, lesson after lesson, day after day.

Swallow: Billie-Rae - Our Swallow Superkid this week has impressed us with her resilience. Like many of us, she was very nervous about moving to a new class and making new friends. But, she didn't give up and after her time in her new class on Wednesday she walked out with a huge smile on her face and told Ms Simmonds how much fun she has had. She's also shown off her excellent handwriting and creativity skills whilst writing her narrative story this week. In maths lessons too, she always has her hand up ready to share her wonderful ideas with the class. We're very proud of you, well done Billie-Rae.


Dove: Ammar - This Superkid has shown his responsible side this week. For the last few months I've seen lots of subtle changes in him that have added up to a big difference in his behaviour and learning. He is now always engaged in his work and determined to succeed, as well as consistently making mature choices, even when difficult. I know I'm not the only adult in school to notice this, and many people are very impressed - so keep it up, Ammar!

Owl: Narmin - This Superkid has shown a kind, nurturing and mature attitude this week. She has shown enjoyment and appreciation of the peers on her table, working together to earn table points. In her time with her new teacher - Mrs Simpkins - this Superkid shown openness and respect to the rest of her new classmates.


Eagle: Hassan - This Superkid has been a respectful and polite member of Eagle class this week. He has been much quicker when getting 'ready to learn' and has managed distractions really well. He has worked hard to be part of a team and his table is always focused on their learning. In his writing, he always responds to feedback in a positive way and has been able to produce some great writing this week. Well done and keep it up, Hassan!

Kestrel: A-Ziah - This Superkid has really impressed the adults this week as he has really tried to engage more with his learning. He has absolutely fantastic on the school trip, showing high levels of respect to all adults. The Year 6 team have been incredibly impressed with the way he has taken on my role in the performance, learning the vast number of lines he has straight away and performing with real skill (we could have an actor in the making here.) Keep it up, A-Ziah!

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