Daniel Webster

Daniel Webster

11 September 2018

September Fete!

Year 1 make pizza faces for our fete! 


11 October 2017

African Drumming

Year 4 have been learning how to drum. 

08 October 2017

A Viking Invasion!

We had an unusual visitor in year 5....

Our Wednesday morning started with a surprise














































Our Wednesday morning started with a suprise raid on our classrooms!












08 December 2016

Christmas Lunch

Over 220 children enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch today. 

18 October 2016

Bloodhound SCC

On Monday year 5 went on an inspiring Science trip to Bloodhound SSC.

Here we learnt about how science and maths contribute to being an engineer. At Bloodhound they are creating the fastest car to break the land record speed which is currently 633mph.

During the morning we learnt about all the different aspects of designing and making the car. They used 'CFD' which stands for 'Computational, fluid, dynamics' to design the shape, the pressure points and the materials. We learnt how the engine combustion system worked within the car to allow it to reach that speed. After this, we were given a tour around the workshop to look at each part of the car in detail. At Bloodhound they have a huge team working on the project, some infamous engineers from formula 1 and ex-army pilots. For the main body they used titanium because it was the strongest yet the lightest metal. The cabin, where Andy the driver sits, was moulded to his body shape using a bean bag type mould.

Later on we were given a team challenge to design and create a rocket car. We collaborated using our questioning skills to come up with a streamlined design which had some drag and a fin. They helped us to create the shape using the hot wire cutter and glue guns.

Finally, it was time to race! Each car had a programmed micro-bit in it to allow us to measure the speed including the use of a speed gun. We couldn't believe how fast they were! Our winning car reached a speed of 45mph! It was amazing to see something we made in action.

Check out the video and photos to see more of our exciting day!

By Ayub

11 October 2016

Viking songs - By Isra

Yesterday I went on the internet and found some Viking songs which we had been learning in class. The song I listened to was called 'Loki the Joker' and 'Go Goblin's'. I thought they were hilarious!


You can find them here: Viking songs! 


By Isra 

We innovated our story 'The Saga of Biorn' this week and published them into mini books! In order to publish our stories, we spent a lot of time editing our spellings, punctuation and grammar. We are so proud of our neat handwriting and our interesting vocabulary!


IMG 0357IMG 0358

IMG 0356

These are written by Yacqub, Denny, Ali and Hala

30 September 2016

Fantastic Attendance

Well done to BFG, Swift and Swallow who all had 100% attendance this week! 

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