Year 5 Summer Holidays!

17 July 2020

Congratulations to our Year 5s for completing another year at school. You're about to the final step in your primary school journey as Year 6s and to help you get ready over summer, Mr Cook and Mrs Smith haved provided a selection of links and resources you can use.


a) Practise your multiplication tables using Times Table Rockstars

Secure knowledge of multiplication tables are crucial for the fraction, ratio, algebra, percentage, decimal, geometry, division and statistics work we're going to do (as well as multiplication!) - so basically everything in Year 6.

b) Solve problems, play games and investigate different mathematical topics using

Being able to work creatively and flexibly as mathematicians is a key Year 6 skill, and these problems, games and investigations will help to make you a flexible thinker.

c) Revise key Year 5 topics you might have might have missed over lockdown with White Rose Maths

Next year, we'll be working hard to plug gaps you might have missed while you were off school, but you can get a headstart using the resources provided here.



a) Read every day using BugClub

Reading for at least fifteen minutes every day is so important - it'll keep your mind fresh and make sure that you are ready to learn when we come back in September. Plus, it's a fun way to spend a lazy summer's day!

b) Keep a diary or scrapbook over the summer holidays

Let us know what you've been up to over the holidays by keeping a daily or weekly diary. It'll be especially good fun to look back over your diary at the end of the holiday to see all the fun and interesting things you've done. You can share it with friends when you get back to school too.

c) Write!

Write a story. Write a rap. Write a poem. Write an advert. Write a blog. Write a script. Write a film. Write... write... write! Writing will keep your brain fresh and active over the summer and give you opportunities to be creative. Plus, it will mean your hand won't hurt so much when you come back to school!



a) Create art and become an artist using BBC Bitesize

This website is full of videos with tips, tricks and ideas to help you create artwork big and small, bright and colourful!

b) Get crafting using the resources and ideas from Activity Village

Flex your creative brains using ideas from this website. With just a few resources (most of which are free) you'll be able to create interesting projects and crafts we'd love to see in September.



a) Stay active with Joe Wicks

You might have used many of these videos over lockdown but they're worth visiting again during the summer holidays as a way to keep active every day.

b) Go for a run, walk or bike ride (or play football!)

We're so lucky in Bristol to have so many great open spaces and cycle paths that you can use. Check with your mums and dads and nag them to let you go out and run around and get lots of exercise!

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