Year 3

Year 3 train trip!!!

08 December 2017 Written by

This week year 3 went on an exciting trip from Bristol Temple Meads to Stapleton Road.

Year 3 want to go to Bristol Zoo!

13 October 2017 Written by


Year 3 have been learning about Bristol Zoo and persuading Mrs Ramsay to let us go there!!!

We want to go there so we can learn about Rainforest animals.

We wrote a letter and included rhetorical questions,alliterations,power of three,intresting conjunctions and emotive lauguage.

It it is good for us to go because the price is cheap and it is five pounds





Year 3 learn about Martin Luther King

06 October 2017 Written by

Year 3 studied Martin Luther King this week.



Mad Science Workshop!

03 May 2017 Written by

We learned lots about volcanos and magnets in our Mad Science workshop!

The Philosophy Project

22 March 2017 Written by

This term we have been taking part in the Philosophy Project!

Bristol Zoo!

09 March 2017 Written by

Woodpecker class really enjoyed learning about the Rainforest at Bristol Zoo!

RSPB workshop!

02 March 2017 Written by

We learned about reading maps with the RSPB!


08 February 2017 Written by

Meet-a-Medic visit to Year 3!

Bristol University Paediatrics Society

06 February 2017 Written by

We learned about the skeleton and muscles with the Bristol University Peadiatrics Society!

Safer Internet Day - 2017

02 February 2017 Written by

On Tuesday 7th February 2017, Year 3 took part in Safer Internet Day: an e-safety event that happens all around the world.

Tag rugby!

24 January 2017 Written by

Playing rugby with help from the Bristol Rugby Community Foundation!


12 January 2017 Written by

We visited @Bristol to learn about the human body!

Collaboration Challenge!

05 January 2017 Written by

Woodpecker class used their collaboration skills to complete this challenge!

Anti-Bullying Week!

03 November 2016 Written by

We learned about how we can help stop bullying.


21 October 2016 Written by

Diwali celebration!

Year 3 Museum

21 October 2016 Written by


We really enjoyed creating our museum!

Extreme Reading!

29 September 2016 Written by

Year 3 were set a challenge of doing some extreme reading!

Ug the Hunter!

20 September 2016 Written by

This week, we have been learning the story, Ug the Hunter!

Marshmallow towers!

12 September 2016 Written by

We used spaghetti and marshmallows to build towers!

Year 3 Woodpecker Local History

12 June 2016 Written by

We started the week with an assembly where each class was given a challenge. Our challenge was to find out what was in the mystery pot and investigate why it was significant to Bristol's history. 

We worked out that there were cocoa beans in the pot and using different sources we found out how they had arrived in the UK. Using this information, we created a freeze frame.

Next, we looked at pictorial sources of chocolate houses and found out that in the past, rich people would have drank chocolate drinks in these. They are similar to cafes that we have today.

We also looked at sources to reconstruct life in Fry's factory. We found out that it was a nice place to work because they were allowed to eat chocolate and they were given houses which were surrounded by fields. We decided that it would be a nice place to live because their was lots of space to play and the children could go to school.

We finished off with a visit to the M Shed where we pretended to be a factory worker, making chocolates and looking at historical artefacts to identify how the chocolates were made. We had an amazing time.


Please watch our video to learn more about our challenge.

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