Year 3

Week 3

17 January 2021 Written by

Hi Year Lovely Year 3s! 

We hope you have had a restful and lovely weekend. This week Miss Mahmood will be teaching you online and Miss Ellison-Smith will be in school.

You will all be coming into school today to collect your Chromebooks and learning how to use them, but scroll down for some learning to keep you busy before you come into school! There are also some videos here for you to watch to get familiar with the Chromebooks. After today, the rest of our learning will be on Google Classroom - which you will learn about when you come into school.

We will see you later today- please make sure you are on time. Your adult will need to wait outside so that they can sign the form once you have finished. 

If you have any questions you can email us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. don't forget to send your work in here too!

*There will be no Zoom today*

Week 2

07 January 2021 Written by

Welcome to the home learning for Week 2!

Learning Term 3 Week 1

04 January 2021 Written by

Welcome to the home learning for Week 1 Term 3.




Year 3 Home Learning Week 6

04 December 2020 Written by

Welcome to the home learning for Week 6 Monday!

Year 3 Home Learning Week 5

27 November 2020 Written by

Welcome to the home learning for Week 5!

Year 3 Home Learning Week 4

19 November 2020 Written by

Kingfisher's Shadow Puppet Show!

22 October 2020 Written by

Kingfisher Class have been working very hard over the last few of weeks on their challenge this term to create a shadow puppet show.

Using the story of Rama and Sita they made their own shadow puppet based on a character, before using them to perform this wonderful show! We hope you enjoy it! 



Woodpecker's Shadow Puppet Theatre!

14 October 2020 Written by

Letter delivery

21 September 2020 Written by

Year 3 Woodpecker received some special letters today... 

Kingfisher Community

10 September 2020 Written by

What a lovely start to the term in Kingfisher!

We have really enjoyed learning about where we and our families are from. Kingfisher have learnt that even though we are from different backgrounds we are part of the same community. We all have similar goals and aim to work hard to achieve them.


Our display shows we are from all over the world but are still connected as one community. If you look closely at our hearts you will see where we are all from.

Woodpecker community

09 September 2020 Written by

Year 3 Summer Holidays!

17 July 2020 Written by

Hi Year 3! 

It's Miss Goldsack and Miss Skinner here! 

Here are some activities for you to have a go at over the summer! We would love to see them in September! 

Last week of term, year 3!!

09 July 2020 Written by

WOW! Can you believe we have been home schooling for 14 weeks!? 

You have been absolute superstars with your learning and we have been so impressed the whole time. 

This week your learning is going to be a bit different. You are going to have themed days and we won't be doing English and Maths every day. 

We'd love to see photos in this last week too!


Year 3 week 13

02 July 2020 Written by

Only 2 weeks of Home Learning to go!!!

We have loved seeing your fabulous pictures and getting to see everything you have been up to over the weeks - keep them coming! 

This week will be our last week of Maths and English as we will be doing lots of different subjects in week 14 as it will be our last week of Home Learning and our last week of year 3!!! 

Time to work realllllly hard in your maths and english - we look forward to seeing any photos you send us! 

Year 3 Week 12!

26 June 2020 Written by

Hello Year 3!

Welcome to another week of your home learning.  We now have just 3 weeks left until the summer holidays and you have done incredibly well to keep going until now.

As usual, we look forward to speaking to you on Tuesday afternoon and still love recieving your photos!


Year 3 Week 11!

19 June 2020 Written by

Hello again Year 3!

Here we are, ready for another week of home learning.  You are all doing amazingly well - we are so proud of your enthusiasm and resilience!

As usual, we look forward to speaking to you on Tuesday afternoon.

Year 3, Week 10!!!

12 June 2020 Written by

Week 10! Wow look at us go! 

Well done on some fabulous learning last week, it was really nice to see some more photos. Having said that it would be nice to see even moreeeee photos this week!

We want to see you playing outside, doing your learning, baking, painting and anything else you might be getting up to!

As always, looking forward to speaking to you all on Tuesday. 


Year 3 Week 9

08 June 2020 Written by

Sorry it's late! We had some technical issues but looks like we are back now! 

You've made it!!! You are ready to do another week of home learning! Yipeeeeeeee!


First of all stretch to the ceiling. Crouch to the floor. Make yourself as wideeeee as you can. Now lift the corners of your mouth into the biggest smile you've ever done!


You are ready for more learning. Well done! 

Year 3, Week 8

29 May 2020 Written by

We are having problems with the Week 9 blog page - hopefully we will get it fixed soon!

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break and Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrated Eid in the holidays!

Here we are, another term of home learning. Some of you are probably very fed up and desperate to get back to school - I know that we are! Miss Goldsack and Miss Davis just want to say how proud of you we are. You are doing a brilliant job and we miss you all so much. 

Please keep sending us photos of yourselves - it really makes our days! 

Year 3 half term!

20 May 2020 Written by

Hello Year 3!  We hope you have a fun and restful half term holidays!

If you want a few activity ideas to keep you busy, you've come to the right place!

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