Year 6, Week 2 (30 March 2020)

29 March 2020

Welcome back Year 6! We hope you had a great weekend and are ready, rested and willing to stretch your brains once more.

Here's your maths, English, activity and PE work for the week Monday 30 March to Friday 3 April.



Friday's maths and English added

Chapter 7 of Floodlands video added

Previous videos: Origami frog

Previous videos: How to use this page

Previous videos: ClassDojo 


Our lovely volunteer Nicole has sent us an email from her home in Germany!

Hi Year 6,

I hope you’re all right! I‘m back in Germany now, living at home without school and university as you do too. My days are quite simple. When I wake up I read a book first, you’ve shown me how nice it can be to read in the morning. Then, I do some writings for the university. In the afternoon I try to do some sporty activities with my sister. As you see, we're all staying at home in Germany too.

I had a really good time with you, Year 6. Thank you for welcoming me in your classes. This weekend I‘m going to show my family flapjacks, I am sure they‘ll like it.

Tschüss and stay healthy!

PS. Who remembers the numbers from 1 to 10 in German?



Today's maths is different. You will be dusting off your guitar, putting on your best performance outfit and heading to Times Tables Rockstars!

Eagle and Kestrel are engaged in a fierce battle to see who are the best rockstars in Year 6. For your work today, we would like every child to head to Times Table Rockstars and spend at least 30 minutes (we will be checking!!) practising their times tables and taking part in the battle.

Your login details were given to you on the final day before the school closed. If you do not have your login details for whatever reason, please leave us a message on ClassDojo or email the school at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will get it to you ASAP.

This a friendly match between Eagle and Kestrel. Over the Easter holidays, the whole school Battle of the Bands will take place. Can one of the Year 6 classes finally snatch the crown from the Year 5 Owl class?!



Week 2 activities: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Week 2 answers: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Previous work: Week 1


Thursday 2 April

Task 1: Act this out with a family member (you could even record it with them and send it to us!)

Task 2: Answer the following questions

  1. What is the purpose of a play script? (What is it for?)
  2. Who is the audience of a play script? (Whois supposed to read it?)
  3. List 4 features of a play script that you notice in this text. 
  4. The text in brackets is called stage directions. What do these stage directions tell the actor? 
  5. Why do you think the speech doesn’t have speech marks like speech normally does in a story?

Task 3: During the Easter holidays, we want you to write your own play script using the correct features of a play script (and even to perform it if you can and if your family are willing to get involved!).



Week 2 activities: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Week 2 answers: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Previous work: Week 1


Mr Rossetti has set this week's active PE work. Find his brilliant workout video at: 


Click here for this week's creative activity. See the video at the top of the page for a demonstration from Miss Skinner.

Last's week activity was to create an origami frog. Click here to see how it's done.




Class Dojo points

Don't forget, Dojo points will be awarded for fantastic work - send photos of your work to our school email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or to the school Twitter account: @HannahMorePri

You can earn Dojo points for excellent effort, perfect presentation, marvellous maths, exciting English and extra points for bonus activities and extra learning you've been doing too! There will be rewards when we're back at school for those of you who have collected enough Dojo points.

Check back here daily for your Dojo points update!

Kestrel: 132

Eagle: 181

Don't forget also that you could post a comment below with any ideas, comments, questions, responses or even some funny videos!




Weekly phone call

Mr Cook and Miss Skinner will be ringing round each child in Year 6 every Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm. Your families will receive a phonecall between these hours from an unknown phone number. Please try your best to answer it! We'll talk to children to see how you're getting on with the work as well as talking to parents to see how things are going and offer what help we can provide.




  • Comment Link husam 20 April 2020 posted by husam

    tt.rockstars was easy btw i answerd nealrly every question in the garage

  • Comment Link Plz reply 10 April 2020 posted by Plz reply

    Are we not going to go to school till secondary.

  • Comment Link Mark Collinson 02 April 2020 posted by Mark Collinson

    Hello, everyone, it's Mark , Sabrina's Reading Buddy here. Wow! All the learning and activities on this page look exciting. Like you I am also working from home, but I think I would rather be doing your work at the moment lol. Take care and perhaps once this is all over we will have to have a reunion to say hello and a proper goodbye as you leave primary school to progress to your new secondary schools. Stay safe and take care :-)

  • Comment Link mahamud 02 April 2020 posted by mahamud

    i have done the rocks on my last one do i have to do it again.

  • Comment Link Mohab 02 April 2020 posted by Mohab

    Today's work was fine

  • Comment Link mahamud 31 March 2020 posted by mahamud

    i remember the math so well.

  • Comment Link saleeban 31 March 2020 posted by saleeban

    Monday 30th March 2020
    Here are the correct answers!
    Yesterday I helped my mum with the housework.
    Last week the warm sun made it feel as if spring was
    finally here.
    School is closed but we get work sent to us at home.
    Mr Cook answered some emails and he checked his Class
    Miss Skinner normally lives with her friend but she has
    gone to stay with her family for a while.
    Although we don’t see them at the moment, our teachers
    are still there for us.
    Without a lot of energy, Mr Wick’s PE videos are very
    Mr Cook builds all his own furniture despite the fact
    that he isn’t a builder.
    Even though she is a good singer, Miss Skinner’s sister
    doesn’t want to go on The Voice. easy work

  • Comment Link mahamud 30 March 2020 posted by mahamud

    fun fun fun

  • Comment Link saleeban 30 March 2020 posted by saleeban

    btw the work was easy thanks

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