Year 6, Week 1 (23 March 2020)

19 March 2020

SATs? Who needs SATs?! Welcome to the Year 6 weekly work round up from your favourite ever teachers: Mr Cook (remember him?!), Miss Skinner and Ms Winterbourne! Sometimes even Mr Webster too!

This is the place to be for the very finest maths, English and activity work for the week Monday 23 March to Friday 27 March.

Previous videos: How to use this page


Week 1 activities: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week 1 answers: Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday



This week's Level 3 activity is a problem from nRich: Reach 100!


Week 1 activities: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday

Week 1 answers: Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday


Have a go at the daily workout from Joe Wicks:

You can also try these 10 minute shake ups:


Have a go at making an origami frog! Send us pictures of your completed frogs for bonus Dojo point rewards!




Class Dojo points

Don't forget, Dojo points will be awarded for fantastic work - send photos of your work to our school email address:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or to the school Twitter account: @HannahMorePri

You can earn Dojo points for excellent effort, perfect presentation, marvellous maths, exciting English and extra points for bonus activities and extra learning you've been doing too! There will be rewards when we're back at school for those of you who have collected enough Dojo points.

Check back here daily for your Dojo points update!

Don't forget also that you could post a comment below with any ideas, comments, questions, responses or even some funny videos!




Weekly phone call

Mr Cook and Miss Skinner will be ringing round each child in Year 6 every Thursday morning between 9am and 12pm. Your families will receive a phonecall between these hours from an unknown phone number. Please try your best to answer it! We'll talk to children to see how you're getting on with the work as well as talking to parents to see how things are going and offer what help we can provide.




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  • Comment Link Hamzah Djama 23 April 2020 posted by Hamzah Djama

    why isnt anyone talking to me.You know that I do not like to not be answer-OH NO.I AM BEING LIKE MR COOK AM I? Anyways see ya after the lockdown.

  • Comment Link zakaria 21 April 2020 posted by zakaria

    fine I guess

  • Comment Link Doha 20 April 2020 posted by Doha

    oh posted is there any more homework left 3 times :P

  • Comment Link AmAl 13 April 2020 posted by AmAl

    Hi do we have any more homework?

  • Comment Link Hamzah 08 April 2020 posted by Hamzah

    Yellow everybody its Hamzah back in the house.How are you all doing?

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  • Comment Link Doha 01 April 2020 posted by Doha

    do we ave any more work?

  • Comment Link Doha 31 March 2020 posted by Doha

    Is there any homework left

  • Comment Link Doha 31 March 2020 posted by Doha

    Is there any more homework left

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