Year 3, Week 10!!!

12 June 2020

Week 10! Wow look at us go! 

Well done on some fabulous learning last week, it was really nice to see some more photos. Having said that it would be nice to see even moreeeee photos this week!

We want to see you playing outside, doing your learning, baking, painting and anything else you might be getting up to!

As always, looking forward to speaking to you all on Tuesday. 


Weekly Challenges



Daily Challenges


This week we will be using our place value knowledge to help us add and subtract! 


Our story this week is 'Winnie the Witch and the Flying Carpet'. Woodpecker have read this with Miss Davis before! Watch the video or read it here.



Well done everyone for working so hard this week - you've made it to Friday! 

Firstly, here are the answers for yesterday's maths.

As we've done on previous Fridays, today we are going to give you a choice of activities to complete linked to our book. 

Here are your options:

  •  Make a witch's hat.  Find some instructions here.

This is my witch's hat.  I didn't have plain card so I used a cereal box opened out. Then I could have coloured it or painted it if I wanted to. 

  • Choose your favourite witch or wizard from anything you know (Harry Potter, Worst Witch, Fairy Tales, Films etc).  Research them and create a fact file about them.


  • Decorate some biscuits to look like spiders' webs. Have a look at these instructions.  It doesn't matter if you don't have icing bags - you can drizzle the different colours with a spoon!


  • Follow this tutorial to draw your own cat.  Maybe you can add you own details to make it look like a witch's cat!


  • If you enjoyed writing your story yesterday, today you could write a sequel.  That means you write another story that would come next.


  • Answer this maths questions:  Winnie the Witch has 5 different broomsticks.  Each broomstick is made up of 10 individual twigs.  

How many individual twigs are in the 5 broomsticks altogether? If each individual twig weighs 10g and each broom handle weighs 100g, how heavy are the 5 broomsticks altogether?





Hello everyone! Find the answers for yesterday's maths here and yesterday's english here.


Today you are going to be practicing some more addition and subtraction of 10 and 100 numbers.

Click here for your maths work.


Today you are going to get creative with some story writing!

Click here for your english work. 



Morning! Find your maths answers here and your english answers here


You are doing more adding and subtracting today! Find your maths here.


More reading comprehension this wednesday! Find your english here. 



Sorry it's late - Miss Davis forgot to click 'Save'! Remember we are calling you this afternoon so stay near your parents phones! 


Here are yesterdays answers. Here is todays maths work.


Here are some suggestions for yesterdays work but look through your own work and check for mistakes! Here is todays english work. 





You will be refreshing your memory about place value digits. Today's maths work. 


Time to uplevel! Today's English work.


  • Comment Link Sara Haque 20 June 2020 posted by Sara Haque

    Thanks Rida

  • Comment Link HalimoAynte 19 June 2020 posted by HalimoAynte

    I MISS U GUYS SO MUCH I NEED TO SEE YOU ??????????? my brother zackaria is going to school on 29th of June

  • Comment Link Miss Davis 19 June 2020 posted by Miss Davis

    Wow!!! I've just been sent some photos from Narmin's projects - AMAZING!!!
    And a lovely photo of you - made my day :)

  • Comment Link HalimoAynte 18 June 2020 posted by HalimoAynte

    Hi guys how ya doing ??????

  • Comment Link Miss Davis 18 June 2020 posted by Miss Davis

    Afnan made a bridge a few weeks ago and Miss Skinner has just spotted it on her brothers Dojo page! How fab!
    Lilja your chilli plant is looking spicy too!

  • Comment Link lulay hassan 16 June 2020 posted by lulay hassan

    hi everyone

  • Comment Link Abubuker go b 16 June 2020 posted by Abubuker go b


  • Comment Link Asma the walking talking snowlady =) 16 June 2020 posted by Asma the walking talking snowlady =)

    OMG yas yay! im so exited to talk to miss Goldsack !!!!!!

  • Comment Link Unknown person that is fatma 16 June 2020 posted by Unknown person that is fatma

    Good morning Y3

  • Comment Link Miss Malik 15 June 2020 posted by Miss Malik

    Hi Asma

    It was really nice catching up with you last week! It is great to hear you are working hard and resting too. That’s nice I am sure you are a great big sister and are spending lots of time with your baby brother. Keep up the great learning!

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