Sue Ramsay

Sue Ramsay

On Monday in Swift we learnt right angles and straight angles.

We created angle dances! First we were given a challenge to either show 90 degrees or 180 degrees. We collaborated in groups to practise different moves. We used our arms, legs, feet and eachother! 


By Shania 

On Monday in Swift we learnt right angles and straight angles... read on to find out more!



Excitingly, Swift class have had their first Philosophy lesson with Alfie from Bristol University. We will be having Philosophy lessons every Wednesday afternoons.

Well what is Philosophy? So that we could begin to understand what Philosophy is, we asked Alfie some questions. Next, he gave us a set of questions; in groups we collaborated to sort them into piles. Questions which we thought were not Philosophical (they had an answer) and questions which we thought were Philosophical.

After a lot of discussion and debating, these were some examples we agreed were Philosophical:

If a tree fell down in a forest and made a sound, would there be a sound if no one was there to hear it?

Do we dream only in our sleep?

Why can’t a stick be a sword?

02 February 2016

Hannah More's Birthday

2nd February is Hannah More's birthday and we celebrate in style!

26 January 2016

Our shiny new website!

Have you explored our lovely new website?  Use the Google translate button to view it in different languages.

19 January 2016

The beach is coming!

The beach is a new and exciting addition to our playground offering lots of opportunities for digging, building, investigating, role play and general good fun.


Great enthusiasm and lots of interest as the new sewing course starts. Run by Bristol Sewing School, we are so impressed with the skills of our community!

Our curious Year 3 children enjoyed exploring how our bodies work 

Poet Paul Cookson came to school today to wow us with his poetry and to open our fantastic new independed  learning centre, The Hub.

23 September 2015

The Opening of the Hub

This week our fantastic new resource "The Hub" opened for children and parents to see. Click here to find out more.

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