Last week of term, year 3!!

09 July 2020

WOW! Can you believe we have been home schooling for 14 weeks!? 

You have been absolute superstars with your learning and we have been so impressed the whole time. 

This week your learning is going to be a bit different. You are going to have themed days and we won't be doing English and Maths every day. 

We'd love to see photos in this last week too!


Weekly Challenges


 Click here. 


Today is your last day of online learning for Year 3 - you have all done so well to keep going up until now!  Look out for a new blog page coming out soon with activity ideas on it for the summer holidays.  Have a wonderful summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you in September :) 

Time for some art today...





Today has a geography theme!  Here are your choices of activities:

  • Choose a flag from a different country and create a picture of it.  You could draw it, paint it or collage it.

  • Choose a country of your choice to 'visit'.  Use the yellow man on google earth and drag and drop him onto a street in a different country.  Write a short description about what you can see or draw a picture of it!
  • Follow this link to learn about rivers - this is something we will do in Year 4 so you can get a head start! 
  • Follow this link to remind yourself about volcanoes - we did this earlier in Year 3! 
  • Follow this link to learn about weather and climate.



Today is all about history - see what you can remember from our history topics this year!

  •  Choose one of these Anglo Saxons gods to learn more about.  Use the links below to find out more and create a poster or fact file about them.

Click on these links to find out about Frigg, Eostre, Woden or Thunor.  Click here for a website that is useful for all of them!

  • Imagine you are an Anglo Saxon person inviting friends round to have dinner with you.  Draw a food plate to show what you would eat.  

Click here, here or here to help you find out about Anglo Saxon food. 

  • You are visiting a Viking village for the day.  Draw a picture of what you might see and write a short piece of writing to describe your experiences.

Think about: 

What are the houses likes?

What jobs did people do?

What did people wear?

What did people eat?

What hobbies did people have?

Click here, here or watch this video to help you!

  • Of course you can always choose to find out about a different period of time.  Perhap the Tudors, Romans or Victorians? Create a poster showing what you have found out.



All about music today! 

  • Can you learn body percussion?     

  • Can you write some music using symbols? Each shape means a sound so if star means clap and you draw two stars that means 2 claps!


  • Remember this song from assembly? Listen to it and draw a picture to go with it. How does it make you feel? What do you imagine?



Today we are going to do some science! 



  • Remember the structure of the Earth? Can you copy the diagram and label it? 



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  • Comment Link Abubacker 15 July 2020 posted by Abubacker

    Hello guys i miss you bye bye

  • Comment Link Sonia 15 July 2020 posted by Sonia

    I just wanted to say how excited and happy I felt to see you all yesterday, I hope you all had a lovely time.
    Please look after yourselves and we all look forward to seeing you in September.

  • Comment Link Asma 14 July 2020 posted by Asma

    Hahhahaha i remember!

  • Comment Link afnan 13 July 2020 posted by afnan

    hello ?? I. am. miss you very much ?
    bye. see you in tuesday. bye ?

  • Comment Link Asma 13 July 2020 posted by Asma

    Its a disco game where u make characters and edit them

  • Comment Link ??? 13 July 2020 posted by ???

    Yay! I can’t wait to see everyone! I know already we are going to have a lot of fun!

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