Year 3 Week 12!

26 June 2020

Hello Year 3!

Welcome to another week of your home learning.  We now have just 3 weeks left until the summer holidays and you have done incredibly well to keep going until now.

As usual, we look forward to speaking to you on Tuesday afternoon and still love recieving your photos!



Click here to see the PE video for this week.


This week in maths you'll be practicing your dividing skills.  Remember to keep practicing those times tables too as the two skills are closely linked.


Our book this week will be Aliens in Underpants Save the World.

Click on the front cover to read the book.



Tim Peak was the first British man to officially walk in space! Check out what he has to say about the International Space Station (ISS)

Click here for the video.

-Answer these maths questions:

• Tim Peake said that astronauts on the Space Station see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day. How many would they see in 2 days? What about in a whole week?
• The ISS is 400km above the Earth. How much washing line would the aliens need if they wanted it to go from earth to the space station and back again?

-Check out this video on how to draw aliens.

-Click here for a word search about aliens. (Don’t scroll down until you’ve found the answers!)

-Can you make yourself look like an alien? Check out this alien mask made from an egg case!




Here are yesterday's english answers. Here are yesterday's maths answers. 


Here is your maths for today


Here is you english for today. 



Get Tuesday's English answers here and Tuesday's Maths answers here. 


Today you will be doing more dividing. This time it will be the 8 times tables! Click here. 


Time to get your reading hat on. Click here for your reading comprehension questions.




First click on the links to find yesterday's maths answers and yesterday's english answers


Today you are going to be dividing by 3 and 4

Find your maths work here


Today you are going to be adding clauses to simple sentences

Find your english work here




Today you are going to be dividing by 2, 5  and 10. 

Click here for your maths work.


Today you are going to practicing your rhyming skills again.

Click here for your english work.





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