Year 3, Week 8

29 May 2020

We are having problems with the Week 9 blog page - hopefully we will get it fixed soon!

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely break and Eid Mubarak to all those who celebrated Eid in the holidays!

Here we are, another term of home learning. Some of you are probably very fed up and desperate to get back to school - I know that we are! Miss Goldsack and Miss Davis just want to say how proud of you we are. You are doing a brilliant job and we miss you all so much. 

Please keep sending us photos of yourselves - it really makes our days! 

Weekly Tasks 

This term we are going to give you your optional weekly challenges all at once! You can choose any of the tasks on the grid at any time this term- you can do them more than once if you want! The picture is also a link to take you to a PDF version of the grid so that you can click on the links that will take you to the websites. 




This week Hamda and Basmala are celebrating their birthdays! Happy Birthday girls!

Daily Learning 


This week you will learning all about pictograms and bar charts, and using them to answer questions.


This week we will be basing all of our English lessons around the story Peace at Last by Jill Murphy. Miss Goldsack will read you the story if you click on the video below. 



Maths answers from yesterday.

• There are lots of distractions stopping Mr Bear from getting to sleep. Getting a good night sleep can be tricky in lockdown because of distractions like noises and screen time. Complete these mazes which include lots of the distractions we experience! You can print the mazes or just use your finger.

Can you create your own maze?

• Bear Grylls is a survival expert and he is making a journey through a jungle. He comes across a river that he needs to cross so he needs to build a bridge! Can you build a bridge using your recycling which can hold something like a pile of coins or a bag of marbles?

Check out Miss Davis’s bridge!

• Can you draw and label a picture of your dream bedroom? What do you need to help you sleep?

• Mr Bear slept in his bedroom from 8.00pm to 10pm. He woke up and didn’t get back to sleep until 11.00pm. He woke up again at 2.00am and went back to sleep at 4.00am. He was asleep from 4.00am until 7.00am when his alarm woke him up. How many hours did Mr Bear sleep for altogether?




Here are your Maths answers. Here are your English answers.


Today you will be answering questions about bar graphs again but this time the scales might look a bit different. Click here for Maths.


Today you will be writing a sequel to Peace at Last. Watch the video again if you needs some inspiration. Click here for English.



First things first, click on the links to find yesterday's maths answers and yesterday's english answers.


Today you are going to be exploring bar charts. Click here to find your maths work.


Today you are going to be learning more about bears through a reading comprehension. 

Click here to read the text about bears and here to find the questions.



Good morning!  We look forward to talking to you on the phone this afternoon.  Click on this link to find yesterday's maths answers.


Today you are going to be doing one more lesson about pictograms.  This time you'll need to read the key carefully to see what each picture represents.

Click here for your maths work.


Today you are going to remind yourself all about fronted adverbials. 

Click here for your english work.




Today you will be learning all about pictograms! Click here for your maths work.


After you have watched the video of Miss Goldsack reading the story, click here to complete the work for today. You will be upleveling vocabulary so really try and make it interesting! 




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    Sireen i miss you so much how are you?

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    hi everybody

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    i subsrided to Mr Rossetti too

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  • Comment Link lulay hassan 03 June 2020 posted by lulay hassan

    how old are u hamda

  • Comment Link Miss Davis 03 June 2020 posted by Miss Davis

    I've had a few photos sent to me and I can't believe how tall you are all getting!! I wonder who else has gotten taller in lockdown?

  • Comment Link Dominic 03 June 2020 posted by Dominic

    Happy birthday Hamda!!!

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    hamda how old are you

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    GOOD morning

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