Year 3 Week 7

15 May 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to week 7 of your home learning. 

Next week it will be half term so this is your last week of learning for Term 5.

If you haven't already picked up your book from school, you can get it on Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.

We look forward to seeing some more lovely pictures of what you have been doing at home :) 

Weekly Tasks

  • Go on a walk or look around your home to find things of different colours.  Arrange the things you find to make a picture.
  • Try some yoga to keep you active at home. This website has some great videos to follow. 
  • Do some cooking or baking at home with your family. Write down the recipe and share it with us so other children can try making the same thing. 
  • Do Mr Rosetti's weekly PE video. Find it here.

Daily Tasks

This week in maths you will be recapping the most important areas again - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.

Our english learning will have a superhero theme this week.


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Watch this clip from the lego movie.

  • Make a top trumps card all about a hero of your choice!
  • We clap for frontline heroes every Thursday. Can you make a poster to put in your windows?
  • Complete this maths question about Heroes:
    o Superman, Spiderman and Catwoman are having a dinner party. They are arguing about how many people they have saved. Superman says he has saved 10 cars full of 4 people. Spiderman says he has saved a 3 buses full of 12 people. Catwoman says she has saved two coaches with 25 people on them each.
    Who has saved the most people?
  • Miss Davis has done some mixed media art. She has designed a scene of a Hero saving some people from a flooded house! Can you make your own piece of art using things from your house or garden?




Here is yesterdays maths answers. Here is yesterdays english answers. 


Today you will be working with fractions. Find your work here


In English you will be using all of your work from this week to make a comic strip. Check out Miss Davis's here! 



Lovely chatting to most of you yesterday! If you missed our calls yesterday, keep an ear out for your phones today! 

The answers for yesterday's maths can be found here


Today you will be dividing. Find your maths here.


Today you will be using speech. Find your english here. 



Hello! Hopefully you had a good day yesterday doing your home learning.  We are looking forward to speaking to you all this afternoon - remind mums and dads to have their phones on!

Also, if you haven't got your Turner and Townsend books yet, you can collect these from school today from 2pm to 4pm.

The answers to yesterday's maths can be found here.


Today you are going to be practising multiplication.  If you need a video to remind you, click here.

Click here for your maths work.


Today you are going to get creative! You are going to invent your own superhero, draw a picture and label them, then write a character description.

Click here for your english work.



We hope you had a good weekend and are ready for your last week of home learning before the holidays.


Today you are going to be practising your colomn addition and subtraction again. If you need reminding how to do this, click here to see reminders about addition and subtraction.

Find today's maths work here.


Today you are going to be thinking of adjectives to go with different picture of superheroes.

Find today's english work here.



  • Comment Link Sara Haque 31 May 2020 posted by Sara Haque

    Hi Miss Davis

  • Comment Link lulay hassan 22 May 2020 posted by lulay hassan

    h e l l o e v e r y o n e??❤❤??
    h o p e e v e r y o n e i s w e l l

  • Comment Link Fatma 21 May 2020 posted by Fatma

    H E L L O emelle and asma do you still play roblox ???

    And also hello year 3 too

  • Comment Link Emelle :D 20 May 2020 posted by Emelle :D

    Yes Asma i do play crossy road. Its really fun and im going to get 100c and Asma don't get eaten by the eagle!
    Oh and miss you all so much year 3 hope to see you soon!

  • Comment Link Asma Ali 20 May 2020 posted by Asma Ali

    You told us the awnser miss golsack and miss davis and sonia! why?

  • Comment Link Emelle :D 19 May 2020 posted by Emelle :D

    I FINALLY finished my poster! Wow it looked amazing as I thought!
    hope you all like my poster! :)
    this is Emelle :D
    Oh and hii year 3 hope you are staying safe.

  • Comment Link Miss Goldsack 19 May 2020 posted by Miss Goldsack

    Amazing work being sent in today! Well done to Alex for making his brilliant beast and well done to Emelle for her fantastic poster all about Russia! I'm so impressed!

  • Comment Link hamda 19 May 2020 posted by hamda

    hi everyone how are you guys

  • Comment Link Asma 19 May 2020 posted by Asma

    Who played crossy road? its a game where you try to cross the road as fast as you can. If you get 100c then you get to unlock a character! Beat your sister/brothers score! oof thats all i guess miss you all!

  • Comment Link Emelle :) 19 May 2020 posted by Emelle :)

    For last week's project on "the largest" I am doing the largest country in the world.. RUSSIA!! But i still haven't finished it :(
    Hope you all are enjoying yourelf at home :D
    This is.. EMELLE :)

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