Year 2 holiday ideas!

30 March 2020

Welcome to Year 2s holiday blog! Here you will find lots of ideas and activities that you can have a go at over the holidays! 

Hello Year 2s!

As it is the holidays we won't be setting you work every day however we have put together lots of activities and websites that you might like to try if you want to! We hope you enjoy them!

Lots of you now have our email addresses so keep sending us pictures of things you are up to! We always love to get emails from you. If you don't have our emails then send them to the school email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or tweet the school @hannahmorepri.

Our weekly phone calls will start again on the 22nd April. 

Love Miss Ellison-Smith and Miss Burnett



Learning Grid One


Miss Burnett chose from the learning grid to make her own dreamcatcher! Watch the video below to see how!


Learning Grid Two 


Miss Ellison-Smith has chosen from the learning grid to research and write a quiz about an animal and has challenged you to answer it! 



Find my quiz here - you can use this website to help you answers are here


Learning Grid Three


Miss Ellison-Smith chose from the learning grid to make her own pictogram! She wanted to find out people's favourite fruit...



Top marks ( - top marks has lots of fun maths games from sequencing numbers to money to shapes!

Times Table Rock Stars ( - it was very close last week but BFG won the battle of the bands tournament!

This week the tournaments will continue! Check out the Battle of the Bands blog page here to see who you are battling this week! 

Numbots ( - practise your addition and subtraction skills with numbots! 



Bug club ( - keep up with your reading on bugclub! We have all given you new books for the holidays to read. 

Oxford reading owl ( - all you need is an email address to sign up and then you can access lots of free e-books :) 

Listening to books on youtube - we have made a LONG list of lots of books that we think you would enjoy listening to on youtube- click here to see. Type the name of the book and the author into youtube and listen to the stories. Miss Ellison-Smith's favourite is 'The Lion Inside' and Miss Burnett's favourite is 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pigs'! 

Bedtime stories from Hannah More teachers ( - the teachers have filmed some of their favourite bedtime stories for you to watch. There's a new one each day!

Space stories ( - watch these astronauts read stories from space! 

Harry Potter audiobook ( - if you're a fan of Harry Potter like Miss Ellison-Smith you can listen to the whole first book for free on audible. There are lots of other free books to listen to aswell! 



Diary - keep up to date with your diary! We would love to read what you've been getting up to. 

Make a comic strip ( - can you write your own comic strip? You can even put it online with this website. This was our go...

Make your own book ( you make your own book like in the video? You could use it to write a story or recipes or information on your favourite animal! 

Send us a letter/email - We would love to receive a letter or email from you telling us what you're up to. You can send in any letters you write to the school or save them for when we next see you! 

Make a puppet show - Can you write a puppet show and then perform it to your family? This website tells you lots of ways to make different puppets (

Year 2 spelling words - Can you practise spelling these words? There are lots of different ideas of how to practise on this sheet

Handwriting - ( - can you practise your letters for joined up handwriting? 



Mystery Doug ( - watch Doug answer science questions from children around the world! 

Switch zoo ( - can you create your own animal, build a habitat and sort herbivores and carnivores on this website full of fun animal games!

Make your own lava lamp ( you follow this video to make your own lava lamp? All you need is a plastic bottle. oil, water, and food colouring!

Make a hand - Can you make your own hand like Miss Burnett? If you want to learn more about bones and muscles click here


Science experiments ( - this website has some brilliant ideas for science experiments you can do at home! 

Bird feeders ( - can you make a bird feeder from things around the house? This website has 32 different ideas how! 

Nature detective ( - if you need help identifying any birds you see on a walk or on a birdfeeder then this website will help! 



25 Day Drawing Challenge - Can you practise your art skills with this challenge by drawing one thing each day! You have to start out on day one by drawing yourself!

Drawing Dog Man ( - Miss Ellison-Smith knows how much BFG class love the Dog Man books so have a go drawing Dog Man like Dav Pilkey the author of the books. 

Oragami ( - What different things can you make by folding paper? There are lots of videos like this one on you tube to try! 



Count to 10 - Can you learn how to count to 10 in a different language? Miss Burnett's friend is from Spain and he's going to teach you how to count to 10 in Spanish!


You can learn some other new words in either French, Mandarin, Spanish or German on BBC Bitesize -



Explore Secret Door ( - the secret door can take you anywhere in the world! Where will you end up? Look on the map to find out! 

Virtual tours - ( - go on a virtual tour to different places around the world! Our favourite is the great wall of China. 



Make sure you keep exercising every day!

Cosmic yoga ( - can you practise your yoga with some of these videos? 

Go noodle ( along to some great Go Noodle videos!

Joe Wicks ( - Joe Wicks puts out a new workout most days!

Workout to your name - Can you complete the PE activity for each letter of your name? 



Kidspot kitchen ( - try out these fun recipes for kids! Miss Burnett can't wait to try out the malteser cookies and Star Wars fans will love the Princess Leia cupcakes! 



Online piano ( - Can you play the piano with this online keyboard? 

Make your own musical instruments ( - on this website there are 52 ideas of how to make different musical instruments at home! 

Experiment with music ( - experiment with different rhythms and chords.



Brunel's SS Great Britain ( - We loved learning about Brunel at the beginning of the year! With this website you get to design your own bridge like Brunel or make your own sea biscuit!  



Coding with scratch ( - create stories, games and animations by coding. Watch the video first to help you get started. 







  • Comment Link Miss Ellison-Smith 25 May 2020 posted by Miss Ellison-Smith

    We miss you lots too Eba! We hope you're having a lovely half-term :)

  • Comment Link Eba 22 May 2020 posted by Eba

    I miss you so much but IcandoitIdidspelling.

  • Comment Link Samuel 14 April 2020 posted by Samuel

    Hi Miss Ellison, how are you?

  • Comment Link samuel 12 April 2020 posted by samuel

    hi miss elison smith. what are you doing?

  • Comment Link Miss Ellison-Smith 10 April 2020 posted by Miss Ellison-Smith

    Hi Shay, dont worry! These are just things that you might want to do in your holidays, you dont have to do them every day. The video of you reading a book sounds exciting :)

  • Comment Link Shayanna 08 April 2020 posted by Shayanna

    Dear miss. Ellison-Smith. I. didn't do my work. because. I had to clean my room and I was doing a video of me reading a book. Sorry

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