Week 14! Last week of term!

09 July 2020

Welcome to your learning for the last week of term! 

Good morning amazing Year 2s

Here is the last week of blog work!

This week we are going to look at some numbers over 100 and some Year 3 spellings. 


We loved seeing you all yesterday! Thank you for all our cards and gifts - we feel thoroughly spoilt! We hope you all have a brilliant summer and a well deserved break! 

We are so proud of everything you've done this year - especially the last few strange months!

See you in September - we can't wait!

Love Miss Ellison-Smith and Miss Burnett xx




We are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon! A bit of work for this morning...


This week you are going to look at homophones. Homophones are words which sound the same but are spelt differently. Click here for your sheet. 


Play Guess My Number!

Choose 5 different numbers and make clues for each of your 5 numbers and see if your parents or family can work out your number from the clues. Get them to give you 5 numbers and clues to work out too. Here is Miss Burnett’s example clues for a chosen number:


My number is even.

It is in the 10, 5 and 2 times tables.

My number is also in the 3 times tables.

If you add 15 to my number you would have 45 in total.

If you halved my number you would have 15.

What is my number?


Challenge: Can you use the 3 times tables and 4 times tables in your clues too?




Today we are going to look at another homophone - to! Click here for your sheet. 


 Play the game: Make 100!

Get a pack of cards or write a number between 1-10 on 20 different pieces of paper. Turn over 5 pieces of paper and use the numbers on the paper to try and make 100. If you are playing this with your family you can make it that the quickest person wins! You can add, subtract, multiply or divide to get to your target number. You can make this game more challenging by picking different numbers for your partners to aim for e.g. 42, 79 or 120.

For example, this is what Miss Burnett turned over:


If my target is 100 I can use the numbers and do::     6 + 4 = 10        Then 10 x 5 = 50        and lastly  50 x 2 – 100




Today we are going to look at some homophones that are easily confused! Click here for your sheet. 


Play Triangle Towers

You need 2 or more people to play this game. Each of you draw a tower like shown in the picture and pick any of the 10 numbers in this list to go on your tower squares: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24, 25, 30, 36



Get 2 dice and roll them. Multiply the numbers together shown on the dice together. If you can’t do this in your head draw an array! If the answer is in your tower you can cross it out. The first one to cross out all their numbers wins!






Today we are going to look at some more homophones - some you might recognise! Click here for your sheet. 


Watch the video below...

Look at this place value chart when counting from 100-200. Think about how many hundreds, tens and ones are in these numbers and how you could draw them with dienes. You may want to practise making these numbers by drawing your dienes with your parents: 165, 109, 305, 256, 473, 865 etc. Look at the examples to help you.


If you understand how many hundreds, tens and ones are in numbers you can have a go playing the game!

 Play: Biggest Number Jackpot.

Draw a place value grid with hundred and tens spaces like shown above. Write the numbers 1-9 on a piece of paper and turn the paper so the numbers are facing down. In turns each pick a number from the pile. You have to decide where to put the digit you pick up in your in your place value grid (in the hundreds, tens or ones column). You cannot change this once you have placed it! The person with the biggest number after each person has picked 3 digits, wins.




Today you are going to write a letter to your Year 3 teacher! Click here for your sheet and also to see a few photos of your new classrooms! 


Play: Racing Numbers

Get a pack of cards OR write the numbers 1 – 20 on a piece of paper and turn them over so you cannot see the numbers. Start on zero and race to get to 100 by turning over the numbers one at a time and taking turns to add them to your total each time. Can you beat your partner? Remember to use the partitioning method if you find adding two digit numbers tricky!  

Example: Miss Burnett turned over these numbers in her first 3 goes


Challenge: Race to zero, start on 100 and takeaway the numbers you turn over each time and try to be the first to get to zero!


We hope you have an amazing summer holidays. If you a looking for a few things to do...

- Practise these Year 3 and 4 spelling words here

- Keep a scrapbook with any photos, tickets and leaflets of things you get up to in the holidays

- Practise your times tables on timestable rockstars

- Read as much as possible - comics, books, the back of your cereal packet! Any reading is good! 




  • Comment Link Miss Burnett 17 July 2020 posted by Miss Burnett

    Hi Jamal,
    You will be a Kingfisher next year! Exciting times!

  • Comment Link Jamal 17 July 2020 posted by Jamal

    Miss Burnett am I in Woodpecker or Kingfisher

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