Reception - Term 6 - Week 2

07 June 2020

Hello lovely Reception children and parents!

It was lovely to welcome some of you back to school this week and we look forward to spending more time with you over the next few weeks. 

When your child is not at school or if you have chosen not to send your child to school just yet then please complete the learning that we have set below.



Weekly phone calls

This week we will be calling all of the children who have decided to stay at home rather then come to school. This will give us a chance to say hello and check that everything is ok. We will be making these calls on Wedesday between 11 and 4 pm. However if you have any questions or concerns and would like to speak to us before, please phone the office and leave a message or send us an email to the school's email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Home Learning Day 1



In school we have watched this story. Watch it again at home.

Talk to your adult about how you are feeling today. Can you explain why you are feeling like that?

Activity: Can you draw a picture of the colour monster?



Practise your sounds:

You’ll need to login. Username: march20 Password: home

See the activity sheet below:

Read the sentences from the story. Underline the digraphs and trigraphs and circle tricky words as shown in the example. Use your robot arms to read the words. Read each sentence again to practise. Point to each word. Draw a line to the matching picture.

You may need to watch the story again to help you.


This week we are going to practise adding two numbers together (just like we did in week 2 and week 3).

First, let’s warm our brains up by counting to 10 and counting to 20.

Counting to 10 video

Counting to 20 video


Play the game we learnt in week 2 called ‘Spin the Bottle’.

To make the game you need lots of 1p coins or pasta or buttons) and an old bottle. Place different groups of items (e.g. 1p coins, pasta, buttons) around in a circle. 1 group has 1 item, another has 2 items, another has 3 items, another has 4 items and the last group has got 5 items. (see photo below).

Each player gets to spin the bottle 2 times. They then add their 2 numbers together.

Whoever gets the most wins!

Challenge Activity

To make the game you need paper, a pen, scissors and an old bottle. Write numbers to 10 and cut them out. Place the numbers in a circle and the bottle in the middle. (See photos below.)


Each player gets to spin the bottle 2 times. They then add their 2 numbers together. You might want to use a number line to help you.

Whoever gets the most wins!



Home Learning Day 2



Watch this video about different feelings:

You will need the espresso log in:



Activity: Ask an adult to help you draw 4 circles like the ones below. Can you draw 4 different faces to show 4 different feelings. Once face needs to be happy. One face needs to be sad. One face needs to be angry. One face needs to be worried.

Explain to your children that we all have lots of different feelings and it is ok to feel all of these things. Tell children it is good to talk about how they are feeling and ask someone if they need help.



Learn the letter names and sounds – watch the alphabet song.

Log in to Espresso and practise spelling these words.

*Challenge* Choose a word and think of a sentence with the word in. Can you write it in your book?

Watch the tricky words songs: Challenge (Phase 4)


Home Learning Day 3



Activity: Draw your own monster.

Can you tell your adult how is he/she feeling? Can you tell your adult why your monster is feeling like this.

Challenge: Write a sentence to say how your monster is feeling.

My monster is ….



Today we will continue practising adding two numbers together.

First, let’s warm our brains up by adding 1 more.

Play this game:

Play this game:

Work out each robot sum and then find the correct number at the top.

If these games are too difficult for your child then play these games:


Creative Task


PE with Mr Rossetti



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