It's coming to an end!

17 June 2019

A little look at our year!

Throughout Year 6 we have enjoyed many moments in our last few terms. We have any more years to come and we have definitely loved this year: with our classmates ,teachers and all those who helped us on our journey.

Lifeskills has probably been one of our favourite memories because we got to learn how to be safe and have fun. They taught us how to be careful and safe in the most fun ways possible. We experienced real life situations and had very much fun! We also spent a whole week at IntoUniversity, learning all about different Universities and did many small activities.At the end of the week we graduated at The University Of Bristol!
We prepared for SATs with lots of help that were very thankful for. After we worked our minds off , we settled down for the last few days of term and did graffiti! Now we are thinking about a leavers performance which will be rembered forever! When we go to Year 7 we won’t ever forget Hannah More Primary!

By Amal, Isra, Awab and Radwa

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