Exmouth Day 4 (the last full day)

13 September 2018

Nivien and Frankie are helping Miss Skinner with the blog tonight while everyone else is dancing at the disco!

This morning, we woke up bright and early with a busy day ahead of us. We went on a long but stunning coastal journey to the world of country life museum. On the way there we could collect many different bits and bobs to put in our bag as part of Veronica’s scavenger hunt. When we were there there were many artifacts including a horse and carriage, old fashioned wedding dresses and a World War Two themed house.

The first adventure we had was going on a deer train where we could feed and touch deers, llamas and goats. Later on ,we saw a birds of prey display where they introduced us to three amazing birds which were called [we can’t remember his name]the European eagle owl, bulwark the bald eagle and Leo the falcon. Next we were aloud to roam free and be ’independent’. Most of us went to the gift shop straight away buying things we will probably never use and the rest of us explored the baby animals. We all split up and went around the place. Some of us went and fed the baby goats while others preferred the look of the soft play. There were also some children [ Cough the boys cough cough] who decided to spend their money on slush puppies and sweets instead of thoughtful gifts for family and friends. They’re discoing now [yawn] and we’re  ready to go to sleep ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh wait I forgot you were here bbbbyyyyyeeee.


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