Lockdown Learning Week 4

22 January 2021

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Make sure to send your completed work, photos of your home activities or any questions you have to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and one of the Year 2 staff will get back to you! 

Zoom link for the 8:45am and 2:45pm meetings:    https://zoom.us/j/6096088052?pwd=L2JtanZkVmZ3T04ySWxkWHdTVCtDdz09


FRIDAY ASSEMBLY LINK FOR PARENTS https://zoom.us/j/91550877324?pwd=WXJrYitWOTgxckJLUHErMmkvMmZlUT09

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Today you are going to test out your planned Traction Man sequel by acting them out with props! We'd love to see videos and pictures of your stories in action!




Today we are going to continue to learn about division as sharing.  Watch the white rose video below to help you. You may choose to complete the white rose worksheet alongside the video or the work we are doing in class where we are using arrays to help us share. Find this sheet and challenges here.

Spr2.3.2 - Make equal groups - sharing from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Today we are beginning to learn alternative sounds and graphemes. Our first grapheme is one we may be familiar with already, the alternative 'ow' sound like in snow! Enjoy!




Today we will begin prepararations to write an original sequel to Traction Man.  We will think about a new adventure that Traction Man could have, just like the ones he has in the story.  Your planning can be done independently or with an adult helping you.  Use this sheet to help.


We are carrying on with division again today.  Watch the video and then try this worksheet.

Spr2.3.1 - Make equal groups - sharing (recap) from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.




Here's Mr Rosetti's year 2 PE lesson as promised.  We will put one up for each day that we'd normally do PE at school (Tuesdays).  Have fun!



I have chosen The Diary Of A Killer Cat to read to you this time.  It is a funny story about a grumpy cat who gets himself in to trouble for just being...well...a cat!




Well done for writing out your sentences yesterday.  I really enjoyed reading your writing - using time adverbials really makes your writing flow well! 

Today, we're going to put everything together and write the story out again in neat.  I would like you to focus on presentation this time, using your finest handwriting.  I would also like you to be the teacher and try to find places in your writing were you could add a little more detail by adding more or better adjectives.  This should not be rushed; really take your time to make your writing as good as it can be.  Good luck!



Today we're beginning to look at division or 'sharing'.  It is a practical lesson today so you will need your whiteboard, something that you have quite a lot of (like lego or grapes or pebbles or counters etc.) and six plates to help with your sharing. Here is a discovery sheet you may want to use to support your activity.



Today, we're focussing on the split e_e sound.




Today we will be sequencing and planning a retelling of the spoons rescue mission.  Watch the video for how to use this sheet.  There are options for three different activities depending on how confident you feel.



We are learning the ten times table today.  Watch the video and complete this worksheet.

Spr2.2.5 - 10 times-table from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



Today we're looking at the o_e split digraph.




Today we will be writing in our home made diaries (if you didn't manage to make one, have a look at last weeks learning on Friday for how to) try to include everything from the video below.  Good luck!



Today we are continuing learning about our 5 times tables! Recao the video below then have a go as this worksheet. 

Spr2.2.4 - 5 times-table from White Rose Maths on Vimeo.



We are firing through our sounds and you are doing a fantastic job! Keep going and soon we will start covering some new sounds and graphemes! 



Watch this video to help you think about suiltability of materials for their purposes.


Activity One: 

Today we are testing materies to see if and how they can be manipluated and changed.  Get as many materials as you can together in your house and see if they can be squashed, twisted, bent, and stretched. Here is the worksheet


Activity Two:

Today we are going to do a science investigation and find out which material makes the best table.  Can you make a prediction first before your experiment and write a conclusion after you have your results? Use this sheet to help you and follow the procedure outlined to make sure it is a fair test. Hint: If none of your materials are holding across the gap, use tape!   Have fun and remember to send us lots of lovely pictures of your home investigations!


Activity Three: 

Today we are thinking about suitability of materials and the different purposes materials can be used for.  You will choose which material you would use to make the objects and why. See this sheet for a list of objects. You may choose your own objects too. You may want to use your author journals to write your sentences up neatly. 

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