Year 6 at Exmouth Day 4

14 September 2017

Our morning started with our final 3 course breakfast

- cereal, a full English and then croissants for dessert! We thanked Stuart and Elizabeth before tidying our tents and getting our lunch for our day out.

We walked along the cliff path to the world of Country life - through the Devon cliffs holiday park. When we arrived, we spent some time looking round the museum and having fun in the model shops and houses. We then made our way to the tractor train that went through the llama and deer enclosure. The animals quickly followed the trailers and were soon eager for the deer food we had! We had great fun feeding them although we didn't get many photos because the rain bucketed down! We got off the train and had our lunch in the dry.

At 1pm we went to the bird of prey display. We hadn't long taken our seats when the first bird was brought out- a male Harris hawk. The bird was reluctant to fly but after a few treats it did fly a bit more. The rain and wind then started again and unfortunately spooked the Harris hawk and it flew off! The handler stopped the show and they all went to make sure the Hawk had flown somewhere safe

We then all went to the goat enclosure and enjoyed feeding, and walking(!), the goats on leads! It was great fun and only a couple of goats managed to run off! We then had some free time to explore and we enjoyed things such as the air cushion, the trampolines, the slides, the slushies, the sheep area, the bumper cars and the model boats.

We finished the day buying some gifts and sweets in the gift shop to take home. We then set off to walk back to the campsite and because it was a low tide, we walked back along Sandy Bay beach. Even with tired legs we got back to camp in good time.

We had 30 minutes of free time to chill before we had our final dinner of roast chicken with all the trimmings! Pudding was choc ices. Yum!

The day got even better after dinner as we had a brilliant disco. We danced, slid, conga-ed, Macarena-d and sang until we were thoroughly exhausted. We finished with our final hot chocolate, praises and grumbles before heading to bed and being asleep before our heads hit the pillows!

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