The Secret in Vault 13

11 May 2020

A SINISTER SCHOOL where graduation means death....


A MONSTROUS MYSTERY lurking beneath a quiet London street...


A desperate plea for help delivered by- hang on..... A POTTED PLANT?


Hello guys,

Miss Goodwin here ready to explore this exciting book with you all. Keep checking back to see questions, thoughts and a few little challenges.

Share your thoughts on the comments below but be careful not to spoil the book for others!!



1. Diddly-dum Diddly-dum Woo-woo


Well, chapter one had me thinking....what is going on here?! Anyone else?

In this chapter, everything is happening in some space-type place and there are lots of confusing words. If there are any you are really stumped by, leave a comment and we can help each other out.



What do you think is going to happen in this book?

My thoughts- I think they're going to end up in a strange universe and the Doctor and her team are going to have to work together to escape

Which character do you like the most? (so far!)

My thoughts- I actually really love the charcter Mark VI. At first, I thought he was a human with a name like Mark but I soon realised he was a robot...I found that a funny twist so early on but I wonder if we'll see him again in the book or whether I'll need a new favourite.

How do you think the Space Lord is feeling at the end of the chapter?

My thoughts- Well I don't think he's very pleased ! His prisoners have escaped and he was clearly looking forward to filling his glass cylinders with them.


On pages 8 and 9, the author describes the throne room. Can you draw a picture of what you think this looks like? I will share mine with you on Friday... I wonder if they'll all look the same!

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