Year 6 chocolate making

08 December 2017

This week year 6 have been creating their own chocolates and have been designing their own packaging.

This week Year 6 made chocolates and designed them.

We even designed and made boxes for our chocolates using our knowledge of shape nets.

Lisa called us out group by group and we added in a lot of treats such as: popping candy, nuts, cherries, biscuit crumbs and lemon,orange and lime zests.

Then we put them in our boxes and get to taste them! Next week we will be writing a persuasive pitch to persuade someone to buy our chocolate, with a mystery prize! 


Also year 6 have been working super hard on their maths and reading tests in the week. We had a chance to show off all the learning we have done this term.

So year 6 deserve a treat :P 

Written by Denny and Adna 


  • Comment Link Nurhaan 11 January 2018 posted by Nurhaan

    Yeah! I really had a lot of fun designing, producing, packaging and pitching the chocolates. I’m really greatfull that we got to do that because in some schools they don’t get to do that so Mr Schoner and miss skinner and Lisa if you read this it’s a massive thank you!

  • Comment Link karima 21 December 2017 posted by karima

    that was nice and I liked mine even though I had one c:

  • Comment Link Mohamed Isse 09 December 2017 posted by Mohamed Isse

    And they used faces so I can right?

  • Comment Link Mohamed Isse 09 December 2017 posted by Mohamed Isse

    Who's gonna be the person your persuading?I wanna know :33333333333333333

  • Comment Link Mohamed Isse 09 December 2017 posted by Mohamed Isse

    My chocolates are white chocolate with cookies and whatnot

  • Comment Link Maida (from y6) 08 December 2017 posted by Maida (from y6)

    It was so much fun!!! The popping candy is one of the best things about making chocolate: the popping feeling in my mouth was sweet. Thank you Lisa, Miss Skinner and Mr Schoner for planning it all. P.s thank you too for the test.I loved it especially the arithmetic test.

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