Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning. 

Superkids are presented with a certificate and given a special sticker at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Headteacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks Superkids are:


This week, Fayola has shown a real can do attitude. She is being independent in her learning and when she has made juicy mistakes, she is positively listening to adults and persevering in her work. As a result she had made some great progress this week. In addition, she has been a great role model for others this week as she has shown gold standard behaviour consistently. Keep up the fantastic work and effort Fayola!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Brayden

This week, Brayden has been working really hard in his independent writing, phonics groups and using his speaking voice in the classroom. We feel really proud of Brayden’s bravery, and can’t wait to see how he progresses in Year 1! Well done Brayden!

YEAR 2 BFG - Ammar

This week, Ammar has shown great perseverance and determination with work at his desk. Throughout the week he has demonstrated brilliant collaboration, ensuring that every member of his group is included and has shared some really thoughtful ideas with the class during PSHE. Well done Ammar!


Mohid is proving to be an engaged and determined learner. He is enthusiastically sharing his ideas with his talk partner and flashing his lightbulb on the carpet. His behaviour has been gold standard and I think he do extremely well in Year 2.

Year 3 KINGSFISHER - Halla

Hala is a brilliant role model for Kingfisher class. She always demonstrates gold standard behaviour and is a very tolerant member of the class. She is always engaged in her learning and works well with all of the other children. Hala should be very proud of the start she has made in year 3. Well done Hala!


Thalia has had a fantastic week filled with enthusiastic learning. She’s focused herself on making the right choices and tried her absolute best to set a good example for others. She has been absorbed in her work and has particularly impressed me with her reasoning in Maths. I’ve see the shiniest version of Thalia this week and hope it continues throughout the year!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Mawahib

Mawahib has been a fantastic learner this week. She has been resilient and determined and has tried her absolute best! Mawahib has had a fab start to year 4 and is an excellent example of our school rules. Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Ayman N 

Ayman is a member of the class who always shows gold standard behaviour and a gold standard attitude to his learning. He has shown an amazing ability to manage his distractions, and therefore has produced some fantastic work this week. I am so impressed with his positive attitude- what an amazing role model!

YEAR 5 OWL - Abdullrizak

For showing a huge improvement in maturity this week. Mrs Jackson and Mrs Irfan are both proud of the way Abdullrizak has put in a lot more effort into his work this week and has made an extra effort to show respect to ALL adults around the school. Well done and keep it up!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Doha

This Superkid went above and beyond this week when we launched our first Enquiry. She went home and produced an incredible illustration of our solar system which is now on proud display in our classroom. She is working really hard on being engaged in all her lessons and making great progress!

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Waleed

This week, Waleed has stood out in a positive way to a number of adults across the school. He has been on good colours every day this week because he has been determined to give 100% effort and show that he is a grown up role model to the rest of the school. He has been noticed in the lunch hall by lunch adults for making excellent choices and I have been proud of him in class too. You will have a great year with this approach – well done.


Bushra has come back from the school holidays much more mature in every way! She puts high levels of effort into her work, showing full engagement and resilience. She is making a conscious effort to make the right choices and this is positively influencing those around her. She has not only been noticed by me for this positive change, but other adults too!


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