Celebrating success

Each week, one child from every class is chosen as the "SuperKid" if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the week.

This weeks SuperKids are:


This superkid has had a really good week. He has worked hard on his listening and shares excellent ideas and questions in class discussions. He has been calm and engaged with his learning, getting involved in lots of challenges in busy time. We are super proud of you D’lion, keep it up!


This super kid has worked so hard this week. He has been engaged during carpet time and wanting to show that he is listening. The adults have noticed that during busy time he is focused in his learning and is eager to share his research. He has been a delight to teach this week and has had a smile on his face every day.


Maid has made fantastic progress in every area lately. The adults in the class have noticed his huge effort to write good sentence that make sense. He also keeps impressing us with his maths skills. Well done and keep going Maid!

YEAR 1 ELMER - Mohamed A

This week, and for the whole year, Mohamed Abdi has been a pleasure to teach in Elmer class. This week especially, he has shown a real willingness to learn and build on his juicy mistakes, especially in his writing. He has been able to write an ENTIRE story independently, and has been a very special helper in class making sure everything is nice and tidy! Well done Mohamed!

 YEAR 2 BFG - Jasmine

This week’s superkid has been impressing us for the last two weeks with her writing skills. She is now thinking carefully to ensure that her writing is making sense and is taking the time to use her sounds and check her spelling. She has an incredible enthusiasm and excitement for learning and we are very proud of the progress she has made this year. Well done Jasmine!


This week’s superkid has really impressed the adults with her amazing writing. After taking on feedback she has really improved her use of punctuation and adjectives making her writing a pleasure to read! This superkid has shown she is able to complete challenges at a high standard and we are really looking forward to seeing her continue her fabulous learning attitude. We are so proud of you Halimo!

Year 3 KINGFISHER - Khalid

This superkid has worked so hard all week. He has reached gold or silver every day and has been trying so hard to be focused on his learning. He has managed to ignore difficult distractions and has shown he can have gold standard behaviour. All the adults in Year 3 are so impressed and really proud of this superkid. Well done Khalid!


This superkid has been working very hard this week on using her collaboration and empathy skills. She has been setting a wonderful example to others of how to show kindness and work with others and it has made her teacher feel extremely proud. This superkid has also been particularly welcoming to a new member of Woodpecker class and Miss Goodwin would like to say a big thank you!

YEAR 4 SWIFT - Subaida

The Swift class superkid this week has tried extremely hard in all of her learning this week. She has shown resilience and perseverance, and made all of the classroom adults feel proud. She has helped her peers through some friendship challenges during break times and lunch times, showing how mature and empathetic she is. Thank you for being so helpful Subaida!

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Mahamed S

Mahamed has been especially fab this week! He is really enthusiastic about improving his work and getting the most out of his learning. The last few weeks we have been learning how to be mindful and Mahamed has stood out as a determined and thoughtful learner. I thoroughly enjoyed his character description and am looking forward to reading his graphic novel next week!

YEAR 5 OWL - Saed

For showing lots of engagement and enthusiasm in his reading group with Lisa this week. He has put in a lot of effort in the sessions and has impressed Mrs Irfan and Lisa as a result. Thank you for enjoying your learning Saed!

YEAR 5 DOVE - Husam

This super kid has been making some really grown up choices this week and because of this he has shown that he is quite a learner. He has got is head down this week with all his learning and surprised us all by being the first to complete his maths learning with great success. Well done Husam!


We are super proud of our super hard working Year 6s this week for being positive, resilient, determined and just generally superstars all week during their SATs!




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