Celebrating success

Each term, one child from every class is chosen as the 'SuperKid', if they have shown excellent behaviour or outstanding learning consistently throughout the whole term. 

SuperKids are presented with a certificate at our Friday celebration assembly. They are also invited to afternoon tea with the Head Teacher or Deputy Head!

This weeks SuperKids are:


Rehan has wowed the adults in Gruffalo class this week! He has grown so much in his learning and is now working independently. He has impressed us by managing his distractions consistently and is always absorbed in his learning. He has also just been really lovely, kind and caring towards other members of the class. Keep it up Rehan!


Since coming back from half term, Andy has worked really hard on managing his distractions in lessons. This really shows in his maths and writing work. He has also made some really lovely friendship groups in Elmer since starting in Year 1. Well done Andy!

YEAR 2 BFG -Attika

Attika has really impressed the adults in BFG this week with her listening skills, her positive attitude to learning and her desire to challenge herself in every lesson. She also spent time in half term doing a fantastic piece of writing about what she had got up to in the holidays. We are really proud of you Attika, keep it up!


Francesca’s improved attitude towards her learning has impressed me, Sonia and Miss Judge this week. She is beginning to make links in her learning and she has been so much more engaged with her learning. Her listening skills have improved and it is great to see Francesca answering questions and sharing her ideas.

YEAR 3 Kingfisher - Mumtaz  

Mumtaz has had a really positive start to the term. She has settled back into school really well and has been a good friend to other children in the playground. She is using her communication skills to play games and enjoy her lunch and break times. Mumtaz has been enthusiastic about our new science topic and is showing that she is eager to learn. She has shown resilience in her learning and has kept working hard even when the learning has been tricky. Well done Mumtaz – keep it up for the rest of the term!


Nadia has come back to school with a wonderfully resilient attitude. She is now tackling work independently and giving things another go if she needs to. She is also showing much more confidence in the classroom and has her hand up ready to answer questions lots and lots. This superkid has also been showing lots of kindness to those around her which has been Year 3’s focus this week. What A brilliant start to a new term, well done Nadia... Keep it up!


Asad is my super kid this week because he has made a particular effort to show gold standard behaviour in the classroom. I have been impressed by his respectful attitude and am looking forward to seeing his fantastic learning this term.

YEAR 4 SWALLOW - Zakaria 

Zakaria has made a huge improvement in his maturity over the last few weeks. At the end of last term he was noticed by lots of adults being really kind to other children in our class. This week, Zakaria has been incredibly hardworking, reliable and respectful and I am so pleased to have him in my class. Well done and keep it up

YEAR 5 OWL - Kortni

For a huge improvement in the confidence she is showing in her learning. Kortni is participating more in lessons and assemblies, being creative in her writing and persevering in her maths work. I am so proud of how much Kortni is pushing herself to be the best learner that she can possibly be – Well done and thank you!

Year 5 DOVE - Hamzah

This Superkid has shown a real change in his attitude. He has started the new term with maturity and a more positive outlook. He is an excellent author and his work is always enjoyable to read. If he can continue this maturity his progress will really benefit. Well done Hamzah!

YEAR 6 EAGLE - Musab 

Musab has shown a determination to giving his best in every aspect of the day this week. He enjoyed our trip on Tuesday and has been working hard to push his learning; not just putting in the bare minimum effort but going above and beyond in order to stretch himself. He is a constant role model to the rest of the class both for learning attitude and being a mature, gold standard student at all times.


Ahmed has come back from the holidays refreshed and with a positive learning attitude. He has put his full effort into work this week and is engaging more and more in class discussions. He is also making more sensible choices in the classroom, managing distractions and is increasingly becoming a role model for others. Keep it up!


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