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At Hannah More learning is exciting. It inspires the children who become absorbed and motivated.

Children are proud of their learning and keen to share it.
The curriculum has been carefully designed to take into account the very special local context. We have a diverse community, fabulous grounds and the floating harbour and city centre within walking distance. We make regular use of this wealth of learning opportunities very close at hand.
The curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the national curriculum and to be meaningful to the children growing up in a diverse community. We prioritise effective oral language learning alongside literacy and maths, we visit local religious institutions we create leadership teams to encourage children to identify areas for change and act to effect it.

Specialised learning days and weeks provide a focus for smaller bespoke learning projects - for example, Local History Week, Black History Week and Hannah More's birthday each have carefully planned learning opportunities to enhance children's historical skills. Another example is SRE week where Years 1-6 deliver set of lessons as part of a carefully designed scheme of work. This was created in conjunction with a group of parents to ensure that the resources used are acceptable to all communities. Each year the curriculum is shared with parents and they are encouraged to discuss the learning with their children.

We have strong links with the local business community at Temple Quay with volunteers from Deloitte, HMRC supporting the school through reading with children, running a G&T lunchtime maths group. Students from Bristol University also support with “code club” and our ever popular homework club
The school’s resources are wide ranging and contribute to the excitement of learning. Children use technology across the curriculum to enhance learning.

We teach daily lessons of English and Maths with separate Reading and Spelling and Grammar sessions. Many of the other subjects are covered through our challenge based curriculum. You can find out more about the topics in this curriculum here.

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