Year 5 Enjoy Local History Week!

08 June 2016

This week Year 5 have looked at how St Phillips has changed since the Industrial revolution. They have had fun creating short pieces of drama. Read on to find out more...

On Monday and Tuesday two local Historians and drama specialists came to work with both year 5 classes to explore how St Phillips has changed since the Industrial Revolution. To begin the day we looked at maps from the historical archives to explore the changes to the area. Soon after, we went on a tour of the local area to find evidence of Bristol's industrial past. We learned that Gardiner Haskins used to be a soap works factory and that where the Ibis Hotel is now was originally a locomotive factory. The tour was very interesting - Lisa even reminisced about how she used to swing on the gate by the railway track that used to run through The Dings! When we came back to school we read and explored accounts of daily life in these factories. We learned about bias and that factory owners didn't always tell the truth. To showcase our learning, we created plays about life in a factory in Bristol during the Victorian period.

Watch this space for our video about our week... Now available, have a watch below...



  • Comment Link Miss Way 10 July 2016 posted by Miss Way

    Tyla, it was my pleasure! It is so lovely to see all of your comments and I have really enjoyed seeing all your fantastic work too. I'm very glad you have all enjoyed it!

  • Comment Link hanan 19 June 2016 posted by hanan

    The floating harbour is called the floating harbour because the level of the water is the same.

  • Comment Link PHOEBE 19 June 2016 posted by PHOEBE

    The Bristol Harbour is called the Floating Harbour because its construction helped the ships in the water stay afloat. This comment was for my homework.

  • Comment Link Ben Maclean 19 June 2016 posted by Ben Maclean

    How did the floating harbour get it's name? The Bristol harbour is called a floating a harbour not because the harbour floats but because boats can float on it. It was created 200 years ago by William Jessop because when boats originally came into dock they would be stranded in the mud when the tides went out (twice a day) leaving them side ways in the mud and spilling valuable cargo. Jessop created a dam to keep the water at the same level within the dock to avoid it ever emptying.

  • Comment Link Tyla 18 June 2016 posted by Tyla

    it was so intresting that I found out about new things that happened years and years ago in our local area. thank you for arranging this for us miss way we really thank you for this oppiturnity in year 5

  • Comment Link hanan 12 June 2016 posted by hanan

    It is very interesting

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