Year 6 learn about Benin justice

13 October 2017

This week we looked at the ancient court of Benin and how it worked.

We have been learning about how the court system works in Benin.

We learnt about the people in the court and what they did.


The Judge- decides who is talking and to keep the court in order.

Acused- stated his point and defended against the witnesses.

Edionware- they were around 45 years old and were considered noble

Women's forum- provided evidence against the accused

Ohen/Priest/Priestess- they told the accused that the gods would decided their punishment

Younger women/men- they decided the punishment for the crime


We had fun because we actually felt like we were in a court! I (Denny) was part of the Edionware and I (Adna) was part of the Women's forum.

Written by Denny and Adna 

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