Year 3


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Beach celebration

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Mad Science

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Science Week

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Fun packed week!

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Brilliant book week!

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What an exciting week!

29 February 2016 Written by

In maths we are learning about right angles. We used a right angle checker to check if shapes had right angles, acute angles or obtuse angles. We found out that acute angles are smaller than a right angle and obtuse angles are bigger than right angles.

In literacy we wrote diamante poems which are in the shape of a diamond and have nouns, verbs and adjectives in them to describe things.

In topic this week we learned about the different jobs of the plants and how they grow.

We had our first philosophy lesson this week where we played a new game called cats and dogs which was really fun. We also continued with our weekly grammar and spellings sessions where we learned new words and how to spell and sound them out.

Swimming was fun. We learned new swimming skills and had our first proper lesson after being split into groups last week.

We also went on a fantastic trip to Bristol Zoo. Read our blog to find out more.

From Siham and Muhudin

We're going to the zoo, the zoo, the zoo...

29 February 2016 Written by

We went on an exciting trip to the Bristol Zoo where we saw lions, boas, monkeys, flamingos and more. Further to this, we went to the rainforest workshop where we ordered and found out about the layers of the rainforest (forest floor, understory, canopy, emergent). After this, the lady let us hold some beetles, we felt a snake and also touched an animal that was like a hedgehog. Then we had different activities to do, like matching gorilla noses, smelling pots to see what grows in the rainforest and finding out about the most dangerous animal to humans. We were shocked to find out that it was the mosquito. After this, we had lunch and went to play in the play area. We walked around the zoo in groups and saw all of the different animals. We loved seeing them, especially a funny seal fight.


From Siham and Muhudin

Fabulous first week back

19 February 2016 Written by

Hannah More's birthday and more...

05 February 2016 Written by

Fun filled final week!

Mr Wonka visits Woodpecker

22 January 2016 Written by

This week on Monday the class went on a trip to @Bristol we went all around @Bristol.

Woodpecker Term 3

08 January 2016 Written by

Last term we watched a pantomime by year five. This was about Alibaba and the bongo bandits. It was hilarious. My favourite part was seeing year five dressed up in ragged old clothes. 

We love music and dance!

08 January 2016 Written by

In term 2 we learnt about Diwali. The children learnt about the 5 days of Diwali and produced Rangoli patterns and we threw in a bit of dancing too. 

Geography research

08 January 2016 Written by

To start our topic, the children learnt how to use atlases and maps to find out about different countries and places. 

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