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RE at Hannah More

In RE we follow the local syllabus ‘Awareness, Mystery and Value’ approved by Bristol SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education). More information can be found here

We currently have one ‘RE day’ each term when the RE curriculum is taught. Alongside this we have special whole school celebration days for Christmas, Diwali and Eid.

We aim to support children to not only develop secure knowledge about a range of religions and beliefs but also what they can learn for themselves from these teachings. We aim to foster a deeper understanding and respect for their own beliefs and those held by others.

We are very fortunate to have a range of beliefs represented in our community and building on these is integral to our teaching. We encourage all children and families to share their beliefs and experiences with us to enrich our learning.

RE Curriculum at Hannah More

Children will explore the following key questions in each year group.


‘Why are some times special?

Children learn why Christmas, Diwali and Eid are important to people and how they might celebrate. At Christmas, they learn the nativity story and perform this to the school and their families. At Diwali children make ‘Diva lamps’, act out the story of ‘Rama and Sita’ and sing celebration songs. We love celebrating!

Year 1

Where do we belong? Children will think about ‘belonging’ and what this means for them. They will also consider what belonging to the Muslim faith might mean to a family and visit a Mosque to think how attending a place of worship might give people a sense of belonging.

How do we celebrate our journey through life? Children will learn about Muslim, Christian and Hindu rituals for birth and marriage. They will consider times that are special in their own lives.

How should we live our lives? Children will think about how their behaviour affects others, what values are important to them and how they can show these. They will learn some Islamic and Christian teachings about how to be kind.

Year 2

Why are some places special?  Children visit a Synagogue and Church and learn what makes them special places. 

Why is our world special?  Why do people believe we should look after our world?

Why is Jesus important?  Why do Christians and people from other faiths believe Jesus was special? Why is Jesus someone that Christians want to follow?


Year 3

What is important to me? How might belonging to a faith community help a child feel that they belong?

What can we learn from the life and teachings of Jesus? Why might keeping Lent and celebrating Easter be important in the life of a Christian?

Why do religious books and teachings matter? Why is the Qur’an an important book for Muslims?


Year 4

How do we make moral choices? Does believing in God and or believing in life after death make it easier to be good?

What does it mean to belong to a religion? – Islam Children will consider how a Muslim might show commitment to their faith, different groups of Muslims and visit a Mosque.

Why are some journeys and places special? How might a person’s sense of purpose in life be strengthened by going on a Pilgrimage?


Year 5

How do people express their beliefs, identity and experiences? How do people express their understanding of God? Why do some religions share common ways of expressing their beliefs and identity?

What does it mean to belong to a religion? – Christianity  Children will consider how a Christian might show commitment to their faith and why there are different groups of Christians.

How should we live and who can inspire us?


Year 6

What does it mean to belong to a religion? – Hinduism Children will consider how a Hindu might show commitment to their faith, learn about different groups of Hindus and visit a Hindu Temple.

What does it mean to belong to a religion? – Judaism Children will consider how a Jewish person might show commitment to their faith, different groups of Jews and visit a Synagogue.

What do people believe about life? Children will contemplate ‘What is the purpose of life and what happens after Death?’

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