How we teach History

We are passionate about History at Hannah More and very proud holders of the Historical Association’s Gold Quality Mark award. Studying history gives children the opportunity to develop an understanding of why the world and its people are the way they are today. Study of history will always prompt children to question as they explore the diversity of human experience, past lives and societies.

How history is currently taught across the school ?

In each year, children will undertake a deep study of two history topics. As well as these, we also have a local history week and black history week which broaden the children’s historical understanding. The Quality Mark assessor praised the school for its innovative curriculum design and how it is carefully matched to the needs of the pupils.

Our challenge based learning sets children a target to work towards, which inspires and focuses their learning. Recently, the whole school created a museum of artefacts in order to teach others about our learning and the past.
This way of teaching develops the children’s ability to be independent learners, using the key historical skills they have gained to analyse, question and compare sources of evidence to form their own judgements about the past.

Year group coverage:

Year 1: Toys over time and Neil Armstrong
Year 2: The Great Fire of London and Brunel
Year 3: Prehistoric Britain and Ancient Egypt
Year 4: Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece
Year 5: Vikings and Childhood past and present
Year 6: Baghdad and the history of Bristol

Cross-curricular links

In order to extend the children’s learning, teachers frequently make purposeful links with other subjects. Children undertake drama and dance as a way of learning about the past. They also use ICT to enhance their learning through using Green Screening, logging onto the records office and using mapping programmes such as Know Your Place. In addition, each History topic is carefully planned to allow opportunities for extended writing too.

History Trips

We are extremely lucky as our staff are constantly looking for new experiences that will enrich the learning of their pupils. Already this year, our school has been transported back to the Viking era, year 3 enjoyed visiting Leighwoods to study the Iron Age fort that is there, year 1 visited Blaise Castle to look at their fantastic toy room and year 4 had a lovely time at the Roman Baths. We are very proud that enrichment was seen as a strength of the school’s during the History Quality Mark assessment.

Kids Zone!

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