Week 3

19 April 2020

Welcome back Year 1!  We hope you had a restful Easter holidays and are ready for some more home-learning. 

We've missed you over the holidays are are looking forward to speaking to all of you on the phone on Monday afternoon.  Don't forget to email your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and contunue to follow us on Twitter!. Also, the comments are now working, so you can communicate with us directly on the blog too!


Here is your weekly challenge: 

Watch this Little Einsteins episode.

Our artist this week is Vincent Van Gough                

Look some paintings that he did of himself in the image gallery.

When you draw a picture of yourself it is called a self-portrait.

Draw a self prtrait inpired by Van Goth.

The music this week is by the composer Antonin Dvorak.

Watch some of this clip.


More P.E fun  with Mr Rossetti! Get ready for jumping over objects and monkey throws. You'll also need a bottle too...


This week ae are going to be writing a story about a magic book.

Watch this short film.

Talk about what happens with your family.


Today you are going to count back on a number line. Asnswer the question on the sheet in the image gallery.




Re- watch this short film.  Create a story map about what happens.


Today you are going to be looking at the properties of 2D shapes.  Use the sheet in the image gallery to help you.




Write the story of the The Magic Book.

You could start it like this……

One sunny morning, a curious man decided that he would like to find out more about butterflies.  He excitedly went to the library and borrowed a book….


Can you name the 2D shapes in the pictures? 




Today you are going to write your own story about a magic book.  Look at the Image in the gallery for some ideas.


Complete the task in the image gallery.  We hope you are enjoying remembering all about different shapes!




Today is Friday! This means you are going to practise your letter formation. Use the image in the gallery to help you. 

Remember to keep you letters sitting on the line, ascenders going up and descenders below the line!


Use the image in the gallery to name 3D shapes.


Have a fabulous weekend!








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