Week 2

29 March 2020

Hello Year 1's! 

Well done for all your hard work last week - we are so so proud of you. Miss Wilkins and Miss Mahmood have seen how hard you have been working on your learning! Keep sending us emails at  (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or tweet us @hannahmorepri

Remember we will phone you on Monday aftrnoon for a catch up.


Here is your weekly challenge:

Look at the paintings of different cities in the image gallery.  Look out of your window.  Draw a picture of the city you can see.                              


Singing always cheers Miss Wilkins and Miss Mahmood up!  Use this link to sing some happy songs with your family.


Follow this link for Mr Rossetti's P.E lesson for you.


Have a look at this picture.

Write a description of what you think the boy can see through the hole.  Remember to include:

Capital letters   Finger spaces    Full stops    Adjectives

You could write something like this:

The little boy peeped through the small hole in the brown fence.


Today you are going to investigate number bonds to 10!

Watch this video to help.




Today you are going to listen to a story.

Listen to this story

Talk to your family about how it is good to be friends with people who are different.


Today you are going to practise forming your numbers.  Once you have used the sheet to help you, have a go at writng them neatly, using the squares in your maths book.



Good morning Year 1's, its's the 1st of April today! 

Listen to this story again.

Have a go at writing your own version of it in your writing book.

Remember to use capEnglishital letters and full stops!


Today you are going to add more to a given number. 

Use the tens frame to help you!




Today we have given you a reading comprehension to do.  Read the story about Tom, then answer the questions in your English book.  Remember, the answers are in the story...Don't just guess!


 Today you will carry on using a tens frame to add.  Use the sheet in Images.




It's Friday so today you are going to practise your letter formation. Use the image to help you, remember to keep all your letters sitting on the line.


Using the tens frame practise subtracting numbers.


Have a fabulous weekend Year 1!







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