Week 1 Year 1

20 March 2020


Welcome to the Year 1 blog!


We hope you are all healthy and safe.  This is where we will share your daily learning.  If you have any questions please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We want to know how you are getting on, so Miss Mahmood and Miss Wilkins will be phoning you some time between 1-4pm each Monday.


Here are your learning challenges for this week. Look in the image gallery below to find more information.



This week you are going to write a story about Dip Dap! 

Watch the first episode of Dip Dap about his camping trip.

Tell your family the story of what happens.


Count the objects and write down many objects you see.


Our artist this week is Gustav Klimt and  the music this week is by the composer Antonin Dvorak.

Watch Little Einsteins to find out more! 

Look at the image below to find out what your task is.


This week Mr Rossetti would like you to keep fit and healthy at home by trying the following:

The 5 minute move


Disney Shake up games



Good morning Year one!  We hope you're all staying well.  Even though we're all staying indoors, hasn't it been lovely to see some blue sky and sunshine?


Rewatch the episode of Dip Dap going on his camping trip.

Draw a text map of his adventures


Today you are going to practise counting forwards.



Good morning to our lovely little gems! We are missing you lots and hope you are getting on well.

Please continue to read regularly on Bug Club and play number games on Numbots.

Here are your tasks for today:


Use your text map to start your story. 

Remember - capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

Challenge: use adverbs like slowly, carefully or quietly to show how Dip Dap does something.

You could start it like this: One evening Dip Dap decided to go camping. He carefully pitched his tent below a big green tree.


Today you will be counting backwards! First practise by singing and exercising with Jack Hartmann and then complete the work in the image gallery.



Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you are staying busy at home. Yesterday Miss Wilkins spent part of the day clearing out her messy yard with her children - it was hard work! Miss Mahmoud was also in her garden. She got very dirty and even had mud in her hair!

Here are some fun learning activities for today.

Finish your Dip Dap story, remember to use all the things in our writing toolkit.
If you have finished this story, have a go at drawing and writing your own DipDap Story! See the image gallery for some ideas.


Watch this clip - Make sure you dance along - We know how much you love a freestyle dance! Then have a go at the sheet in the image gallery. You could also write the questions as number sentences in your maths book.
eg. 4+1= 8+1=



Well done everyone, we have got to the end of the first week at home! We are missing you very much but are proud of the hard work you have been putting into your challenges.  Make sure you have a restful weekend.

Remember to send in any work to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or tweet the school! 

Here is your work for today:


Today you are going to practise your letter formation! Look at the image in the gallery to help you, remember try to keep your letters sitting on the line, ascenders like l, d and b to go above the line and descenders like y, g and f to go below the line.

Watch this letter formation video before you begin.


You are going to find one less of a number today. Use the number square in your maths book to help you.



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