What a great start!!!!

22 September 2020

We have done so much learning already!

Open the blog to find out more!


We have had our first Art lesson and learnt about the artist Arcimboldo. We learnt that he was from Italy and enjoyed using fruit in his paintings. We created our own artwork inspired by his work.




We have also started learning our class text 'Avocado' baby. We tasted avocado. Some of us thought it tasted delicious. Some of us thought it was disgusting!


We have aslo enjoyed exploring the properties of fruit during our Independent Learning time. We made predictions about whether fruit will float or sink and then tested these. We recorded what we found out on a chart. Some chidlren tried to look for theories. Some of us thought that small fruit would float and big fruit would sink. Do you think we can proove this or not?



We opened a Year 1 cafe follwoing our role play interests. It was very exciting to welcome some special guests. We read recipe books, worked in teams, planned and wrote menus, made lists and signs and enjoyed communicating clearly in different roles. Some of us even added up the bill and gave change!





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