Year 1 Term 6 Week 6

03 July 2020

Hi Year 1's!

We hope you've had a lovely weekend, this week we are going to learn about Africa alongside the rest of our learning.

Don't forget to collect your learning pack on Wednesday afternoon and expect us to call you then too.



Today, as Authors you are going to do some reasearch on an animal of your choice. With this information you will be writing your own non-chronological report later in the week. 

Once you have chosen an animal, research the questions on this sheet.

You can use these websites to help you:



As Mathematicians you are going to be finding quarters of shapes today. Here is your sheet. 




We are going to listen to this song about the World Continents.


Here are some pictures of Africa. What can you see? What do you think the climate is like?



Now I would like you to act out being an African explorer, going across deserts, cities and jungles. Think about what you need and problems you may come across.




Today you are going to start writing your non-chronological report. I would like you to only write the title (animal name), introduction and where the animal lives. Here is my mine:


Here is your template.


Today we are going to find quarters of numbers. Here is your sheet.




Have you learnt the name of the continents now? Do you know where Africa is?

Today we are going to be making African masks! Here is what they look like:

You can make one at home like this:


Here are your instructions.



Take a colourful treasure hunt walk through your neighborhood or around your house. Once you have done that you will then draw a rainbow picture. Here are your instructions.




Today you are going to finish your non-chronological report. Using the template from Tuesday, complete the next sections. Here is mine:



As Mathematicians, you are going to continue practising to find quarters. Here is your sheet.





Today you are going to read your non-fiction book and write down some interesting facts you have learnt.



Click on this link to watch a video about fractions and then play the games!


Have fun!





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