Year 1 Term 6 Week 5

28 June 2020

Hello Year 1s! Welcome to week 5, please read on for this weeks learning.

Please remember to pick up your learning pack on Wednesday afternoon. It has all your learning for the week and this week it will be coming with a very special non-fiction book!



Over the next few weeks we are going to be looking at non-fiction texts. I'd like you to think about what non-fiction means and discuss this with your family.

Once you have done that, read this non-fiction piece of texts. Look carefully at what the features are. 

Can you label the following on the text:

  • Title
  • Sub-heading
  • Picture/Photograph
  • Facts
  • Labels

Some books that are non-fiction also have a contents page, glossary and index page. Have you seen any books with these features?


Today, as Mathematicians you are going to be finding half of shapes. Here is your sheet.



If you would like to try a challenge, click here!




Today you are going to answer some questions about the non-fiction text you read yesterday. Remember to look back at the text and get your answers from there, no guessing! 

Here are your questions.



Today as Mathematicians you are going to be halving numbers. Here is your sheet.



Time for a challenge!


Creative Task

Today you are going to make a robot!

Have a look in your recycling for good materials to use. You could try old cereal boxes, magazines or plastic bottles. Tin foil works really well to make a shiny robot!

Follow this link for your instructions.




In your pack from yesterday you should have recieved this very special book:

Today I would like you to look through the book and talk about what you found most ineteresting. Take your time to look at the pictures carefully and read the facts!



As Mathematicians you are going to continue halving numbers but today we are going to challenge yourselves with some word problems! Here is your sheet.





We hope you enjoyed looking at the book yesterday, what it interesting? So many facts! Today, you are going to answer some questions about the features. 

Looking at the contents page, can you tell me which chapter is all about the 'Weirdest'?

In chapter 3: fastest which is the fastest animal? 

What does the index page tell you? 

What did you think was the most interesting fact?

Which is your favourite animal? Why



We are going to continue word problems involving halving. Watch the video again from yesterday to remind you how to do it. Remember to show your sharing! Here is your sheet.


Have a fantastic weeked!

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