Year 1 Term 6 Week 4

21 June 2020

Welcome to Week 4! Please continue to send in your fabulous work, we love looking at it! Read on for this weeks learning.



Today we are going to finish reading The Cave! Once you have read it or finished listening to it, answer these questions about the book.



Today you are going to be comparing numbers. Here is your sheet.




Today you are going to sequence the story! Cut out the pictures and put them in order. Here is your sheet.


As Mathematicians you are going to order numbers. Here is your sheet.



Creative Task

Today you are going to create a sound monster! Click on this link to explore different sounds and follow the instructions. Have fun!




Today you are going to write your own version of The Cave. I want you to think carefully about your capital letters and punctuation.  I nstead of having a wolf, you are going to use the character you created last week in your story.

Use the adjectives you came up with and your character description! Spend no more than 20 minutes writing, If you don't finish don't worry. You will finish it tomorrow. Here is the start of my story:

There is a small dark cave. A small dark cave that is home to a little creature with big eyes. A little creature that never leaves its cave.

It never leaves its cave because of a scary wolf. The wolf has pointy ears with beady round eyes. His claws are pointy and sharp and he has a big bushy tale. 



As Mathematicians you are going to compare numbers to 100! Here is your sheet.



Today you are going to finish off your story. Make sure you do not repeat what you have already written and carry on from where you stopped yesterday. Remember, you do not need to write for more than 20  minutes!

Here is the next part of my story:

"Why don't you come out to play little creature? We can be friends" asked the wolf. 

"No thank you, I already have two friends." replied the creature. The little creature stayed in his little, dark home. He did not want to leave because he was not sure what was out there. 

Each day the wolf would come back even when it snowed! He would ask the little creature to play but each day the little creature said no and remained in his safe home. The wolf never left, even when the stars came out and everyone was asleep.


Remember to include all of these things:


Today you are going to find one more and one less in numbers up to 100. Use your 100 square to help you.

Here is your sheet.

If you would like to try a challenge click here.


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    Hey guys

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    Hi Maida,
    How are you? Did you enjoy the story - The Cave?

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