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Through PE at Hannah More, we aim to nurture children to develop self-belief, build resilience and work as a team whilst expressing their individuality. We recognise that promoting an active lifestyle through PE can help to improve concentration, physical and mental health and general well-being. We believe that children deserve to feel confident, enjoy their PE lessons and see the value in their learning. At Hannah More, we strive to create an inclusive, empowering learning environment where the children’s achievements are regularly celebrated. The lessons are taught by our Sports Coach Mr Rossetti.

PE Curriculum at Hannah More

Term 1                 Invasion games

The children will learn and develop the skills needed to play competitive games involving attacking and defending.

Term 2                 Net games

Children will have the opportunity to compete in sports such as tennis, volleyball and badminton, with some of these games being adapted to suit the needs of each class.

Term 3                 Gymnastics

The children at our school love gymnastics. This term they will practice jumps, rolls, balances and complete a gymnastic performance. Through this, the children will develop their flexibility, build strength and master technique with control.

Term 4                 Dance

This term, children will learn series’ and individual dance moves and perform their own dance sequences using a range of movement patterns.

Term 5                 Athletics

Athletics is structured so that the children take part in track and field events, ranging from shotput to long jump. They will also engage in running short and long distance. The will have the opportunity to compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.

Term 6                 Fielding games

In the final term, children will participate in games such as rounders and cricket. Here they will practice and master the basics of throwing and catching.

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