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Bike Breakfast 3

14 January 2014

It was a cold and frosty morning on the 14th January, but lots of us slipped in early to make it in time for the bike breakfast. This is the third event we have held and they have now fixed loads of bikes and swapped many too.

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Our Easter Holiday Club was a great success, with good feedback from everyone who came along including new children. We are currently planning our May provision: full details and booking forms are available here.

Please tell your friends about our holiday club. It is open to children from all Primary schools.

May posterpic




Bike Breakfasts!

22 November 2013

We have linked up with Bristol Bike Project to run a seris of Bike Breakfasts. Children can come along and get their bikes serviced, or swap their old bike for a bigger size. And it's free! At our second Bike Breakfast on 3rd December, fifteen children swapped their bikes for new ones and lots more people got their bikes fixed! How fantastic! Our next Bike Breakfast is on Tuesday 14th January, 8-8.30am. Here are some pictures from our last event:

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IMG 1068 Medium

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Children in Need

08 November 2013

On Friday 15th we will be raising money for Children in Need. Wear your spottiest clothes, get your spots painted on at Breakfast Club, buy some yummy cakes after school... all in a good cause! We will ask children for a £1 donation if they choose to wear non-uniform clothes. Please get baking as well!


Tim Smith, the man in charge of our big building project to put six new classrooms on the roof last year, was one of only ten construction managers in the whole country to be nominated for the award because of the fabulous work he did at Hannah More. During half term Ms Ramsay was very privileged to be invited to a very posh awards ceremony in London with Tim and some of the SKANSKA team that worked here. In the pictures below you can see how smart it all was - and even catch a glimpse of our wonderful hall displayed on the huge screens in the hotel! We are very proud of Tim and the team and we love our new building!


IMG 0597IMG 0601IMG 0612 

Pinhole Photography Day

28 September 2013

On September 25th a team of volunteers from Deloitte worked with Year 6 children to make pinhole cameras out of drinks cans, take photos and then develop them. We even created our own darkroom for the day! A big thank you to Deloitte employees for such a great day. Here are some of the intriguing photographs they took.

IMG 0572pos

IMG 0579pos Small 2

IMG 0607pos Small


02 September 2013

OFSTED inspectors came to Hannah More in July and agreed with us that this is a GOOD school! Click here to read more.

On the 12 August, some families visited Avon Valley Country Park. It was a good day! Here are some pictures...

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On Tuesday 23rd July KS1 children had their water fun day. Despite the storms the night before the sun came out and good fun was had by all. 

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On Monday 22nd July, children in Key Stage 2 had their water fun day. Oh what fun they had!

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