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May Holiday Club

06 May 2014

Our Holiday Club will be open from Tuesday 27th - Friday 30th May, from 8.30am-6.00pm. Lots of exciting activities are planned! Children from several local schools come to the club and the feedback from our Easter club was really positive! Full details are available here.

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Spring Challenge

27 April 2014

The spring challenge was to create a vegetable sculpture or a plate garden. Lots of people had a go and there were many spectacular entries. Special congratulations to Seham, Keilee, Josh, Yahye, Doha and Sumaya for their winning entries.IMG 0404 SmallIMG 0405 SmallIMG 0406 SmallIMG 0407 SmallIMG 0408 SmallIMG 0409 SmallIMG 0410 SmallIMG 0411 SmallIMG 0412 SmallIMG 0413 SmallIMG 0414 SmallIMG 0415 SmallIMG 0416 SmallIMG 0417 SmallIMG 0418 SmallIMG 0419 SmallIMG 0420 SmallIMG 0421 SmallIMG 0422 SmallIMG 0423 SmallIMG 0424 SmallIMG 0425 SmallIMG 0426 SmallIMG 0427 SmallIMG 0428 SmallIMG 0429 SmallIMG 0430 SmallIMG 0431 SmallIMG 0432 SmallIMG 0433 SmallIMG 0434 SmallIMG 0435 SmallIMG 0436 SmallIMG 0438 Small

Family Swimming

27 April 2014

Hannah More takes over Easton swimming pool! On Saturday 26th April, Hannah More used some of the Government's Sports Premium money to hire Easton Leisure Centre's swimming pool for family swimming. Lots of families took advantage of the offer and we had a great time. The next one will be on 10th May - don't forget to get your ticket!

falah and waleed MediumFamily swimming1 13 MediumFamily swimming1 18 MediumFamily swimming1 19 MediumFamily swimming1 20 MediumFamily swimming1 29 MediumFamily swimming1 32 MediumFamily swimming1 34 MediumFamily swimming1 37 MediumFamily swimming1 38 MediumFamily swimming1 40 Mediumgroup Mediumjumping Mediumkarima Mediumluqman Mediumpool Mediumshayons mum Mediumstar Medium

A group of Year 6 children who have been developing their cooking skills after school took part in a Bake Off today. Working in small groups with a recipe, but plenty of opportunities to personalise their work, the children made plates of fairy cakes. Judges (including Ms Ramsay) were invited to choose the wnning plate of cakes! (What a tough job!). You can see the mouth watering entries below!

IMG 6098 MediumIMG 6099 MediumIMG 6100 MediumIMG 6101 Medium

 IMG 6102 Medium

Skipping Day!

03 April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April was skipping day at Hannah More! Lizzy came to visit and taught us a whole range of clever skipping tricks. There will be lots more skipping in the playground now!


May Holiday Club

18 March 2014

Plans are now finalised for our May Holiday Club and it looks exciting! There's loads of activities planned including cooking, outdoor fun and art and craft. Full details available here.

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Free samples of STIKINS name labels were sent home today! If you would like to order more labels please use the following link: www.name-labels.com/schools-linking-information.php 

If you use our school code 8906 when ordering then school gets 25% comission for each order. So you can help us and keep track of your child's belongings!

This is the first of our 'Magical Moments' in the news section of the website. Each week we collect a range of pictures of the great learning and activities that have taken place and use them to make a slideshow for the Friday assembly. Of course, not everyone can get to the assembly, so we are adding a selection of the pictures to the website each week. We hope you enjoy them! 

The Life Bus has been at school so all the children have been learning about keeping healthy. You can see pictures of Reception and Year 1 children in the lifebus. This week Year 5 have been especially busy, with some going to Vassals Park, others researching space and some doing role play in their Literacy group. 

The Reception classes have been busy making some stunning vehicles. Ms Jenkins' Year 5 and 6 Maths group have been learning how to use the 'Singapore Bar' method for calculating! 

There are also pictures of some new den building activities that we have introduced to lunchtime along with Analia's Art and Craft and lots of fun being had at More 4 Kids after school club!

Enrichment Trip 22.1.14 011 MediumEnrichment Trip 22.1.14 021 MediumIMG 0009 MediumIMG 0013 MediumIMG 0021 MediumIMG 0030 MediumIMG 0033 MediumIMG 0036 MediumIMG 1855 MediumIMG 1856 MediumIMG 1925 MediumIMG 1928 MediumIMG 2912 MediumIMG 2940 MediumIMG 2944 MediumIntervention groups 131 MediumIntervention groups 136 MediumSingapore Bar Method 006 MediumSingapore Bar Method 008 Medium

A group of talented children in Years 5 and 6 make up the theatre group 'Shakepeare@HannahMore'. Today they performed a nugget from their latest show 'As You Like It'.

IMG 1449 MediumIMG 1451 MediumIMG 1452 MediumIMG 1453 MediumIMG 1458 MediumIMG 1461 MediumIMG 1463 MediumIMG 1464 Medium

Bike Breakfast 3

14 January 2014

It was a cold and frosty morning on the 14th January, but lots of us slipped in early to make it in time for the bike breakfast. This is the third event we have held and they have now fixed loads of bikes and swapped many too.

IMG 1417 MediumIMG 1418 MediumIMG 1424 MediumIMG 1425 MediumIMG 1430 MediumIMG 1433 Medium

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