Congratulations to our Learning Champions for Term 6!

21 July 2017

A huge well done to all of our  Learning Champions for the last term!! 





Since joining Hannah More he has shown a very mature attitude to learning. He listens brilliantly, is always focussed and is absorbed in his learning. He collaborates well and shows kindness to others. We are so glad he has joined us. Well done Kyeary!


Throughout the year he has been working very hard to improve his listening skills. He has been enthusiastic to learn new things and has been motivated to develop his writing. Today it is also his last day and he will be moving back to Malaysia! We will miss your smile. Good luck Farish!



It has been a pleasure teaching this Gruffalo. Although he joined late in the year he settled in quickly making lots of friends and following the class rules. His infectious smile brightens the classroom and his caring personality warms us all. He is a magical pupil who is an inspiration to others. The Gruffalo class learning champion is Dirshe!

ELMER: Mahamed Hasen

This Elmer child has had to work really hard this year to develop his reading and writing skills. He has taken on the challenge, trying to be as independent as possible, and has shown fantastic progress within every area of his learning, especially his spoken and written language. We are so proud of how much he has developed, and cannot wait to see what he achieves in Year 2. Well done Mahamed H!

Year 2

BFG: Ibrahim I

Ibrahim is a hard worker, who shows resilience when facing challenges. He has worked on improving his writing skills this term especially handwriting.He is a polite and helpful member of BFG and is always willing to help others in the class. It has been a pleasure to teach Ibrahim this year and with such a positive learning attitude he will continue to make great progress next year.


It has been pleasure teaching this Enormous Crocodile. Not only is he consistently showing off his learning skills but he has really taken on board our school values. He is always determined to do his best and shows a love for learning all day, every day. He has been a role model and inspiration to the class. I think he’s new teacher has already noticed this!

Year 3


This learning champion is really someone that I have seen grow over the year. She is now a mature and independent learner. She can show resilience and determination to persevere through a tricky challenge. As well as this, I have seen her empathy skills grow hugely throughout the year. She is now a kind and supportive friends to lots of children in our classroom and on the playground. Because of this change in attitude, she is also able to collaborate in class effectively. Keep it up!


This learning champion is someone who has made visitors to our school feel really welcome in the past few weeks. When other children have made poor choices, this learning champion had the confidence and determination to set the standard and show the right thing. Additionally, adults have commentated on how kind and empathetic she is as a friend. Keep it up!

Year 4

SWIFT: Sabriin

This term Sabriin has had a much more determined attitude to her learning! She has tried really hard in her presentation even up until yesterday which shows how determined she is to improve! Her enthusiasm in her learning has meant that she has come a long way in all aspects. She has also really matured, and as well as becoming better at calming herself down, she is also calming others down when they need it too. She has given us a lot of laughs this year with her bubbly personality. We will miss you!


He is an absolute hero when it comes to learning skills. He plans ahead, is resilient and perseveres when faced with a challenge and he always shows good listening. He is a great friend as he always shows empathy to others and is always willing to help people with whatever they need. It has been an absolute pleasure watching him grow in confidence over the last two years and I really will miss teaching him.

Year 5

OWL: Isra

This term she has shown resilience in every avenue of learning. She asks questions to improve her learning and is then able to use them to support her peers. Because she faces every challenge with a smile, she succeeds! In addition to this, she has a great sense of humour and I’m sure everyone will agree she is a great asset to Owl class! Keep up your positive attitude in year 6 next year!

DOVE: Aisha

For really getting into the life of Hannah More this year! She started her new school with confidence, a smile and a positive attitude. This person has been resilient, determined and persevered when she came across challenges and planned, revised and capitalised on her learning throughout the year. She has always shows full attention by listening attentively, managing distractions around her and being fully absorbed in lessons. I have been so proud to teach Aisha this year and wish her all the very best in Year 6

Year 6


This champion is someone who has massively developed his resilience over the last year. He relishes new challenges, distilling key information from teaching and imitating methods taught to achieve success. He collaborates effectively with partners, demonstrates absorption and asks useful questions to support his learning. He also demonstrates interdependence in knowing where and when to turn for extra support


The learning skill champion in Kestrel is someone who is always ready and keen to learn. During new learning, she uses the skills of imitation to get to grips with new methods and skills. She works effectively with all members of the class and her maturity enables her to do this without distraction. She explains her thinking and reasoning clearly during all her lessons. She thinks carefully about how she uses questioning to extend her learning.

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