Our trip to Icescape, Weston-Super-Mare

10 November 2017

On Wednesday 8th november 2017, we went to ice skating.

It was a whole year 6 class treat.

Year 6 Kestrel and Eagle went on an ice skating trip because they had both earned their class points.

We walked to temple meads train station and traveled by train to Weston-Super-Mare.

We then had our lunch on the beach and had a play around. In the sand,we drew our names with sticks and had a game of hangman.

Later the boys found a ball [what boys do!] and had a game of football.

At 12:50 we had our skates on and were in the ice rink.

Then at 1:00 we were let in to ice skate.

Lots of us had amazing talantes and had so much fun!!! We fell over a few times but showed real resilience.

Lots of thank you's to Miss Skinner, Mr Schoner and Lisa!!!

Written by Denny and Adna 


  • Comment Link Nurhaan 14 December 2017 posted by Nurhaan

    We really enjoyed ice-skating and we were so thankful to our teachers and so greatful. Probably our next trip will be even better!

  • Comment Link mohamed cool 09 December 2017 posted by mohamed cool

    i wish i was there. i think it was lot of funnn

  • Comment Link ayub 08 December 2017 posted by ayub

    thank for the amazing treat and the picture of me in mid skid

  • Comment Link amal yasin 28 November 2017 posted by amal yasin

    wow it was amazing even though,my feet were still sore it was fun thank u Mr Schoner & Miss Skinner.

  • Comment Link shania 14 November 2017 posted by shania

    when we had our skates on everyone was walking like a penguin it was very and funny Mr Schoner made ice skating look so easy but trust me, it is not as easy as it seems

  • Comment Link shania 14 November 2017 posted by shania

    it was fun and everyone enjoyed the wonderful day we had

  • Comment Link Mohamed Warsame 12 November 2017 posted by Mohamed Warsame

    Well done year 6 keep on doing so you may get the best treat I guess you have worked more than the previous year 6 and we never did this so I am hoping you have hard working student

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