Visit from our local PCSOs

20 October 2017

Our local PCSOs, Amie Pickles and Matt Pinnell, visited Year 6.

This week the local PCSOs visited year 6 to teach us more about our topic- crime and punishment.

Our local PCSOs were called Amie and Matt and they work around Hannah More (Matt works in St Pauls, Amie works around the school). We learned about what is right and what is wrong and how laws work. 

We also learned about how hard it is to become a PCSO and a Police Officer. They showed us their notebooks (the most important piece of equipment), their police radios, shields used in dangerous situations, riot helmets, their everyday hats, their body cameras and their stab vests. 

They sometimes have to use a PAVA spray to keep other people safe and handcuffs. They only use both if really needed. 

As a PCSO, we learned it is important to know your community well.

Thank you Amie and Matt for coming in!

Written by Denny and Aisha


  • Comment Link Nurhaan 14 April 2018 posted by Nurhaan

    At first I though there was one type of police that go for all crimes but today I found out that there is one word POLICE and loads of different types go under it. It was also exciting and shocking to see what they had to go through
    By nurhaan
    Also at the bottom

  • Comment Link safia 26 November 2017 posted by safia


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