Year 6 went to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

22 March 2017

On Tuesday 21st March, year 6 took a trip to Bristol Zoo as part of their evolution and inheritance topic this term. 

We started the day by taking a train from Temple meads to Clifton Down. We arrived at the zoo and split into small groups and saw a variety of animals. Lions, fish, tortoises, pygmy hippos, gorillas, howler monkeys, snakes, frogs, lizards, meerkats, butterflys, desert cats, beetles (lots of them!), cockroaches, ducks, flamingoes, tapirs, lemurs, penguins and seals to name a small selection! As we went roudn the zoo, we considered the adaptations that the animals had that make them suitable for living in their natural environment. Mr Schoner's group were impressed with a fish that is normally found in caves which has evolved and changed to have no eyes at all due to the darkess. 

After our workshop, some of the children were interviewed by the BBC for a project that they are running about endangered species. Watch this space for more information! 


  • Comment Link ali 04 June 2017 posted by ali

    18.5.17 topic homework
    my house 200 years ago used to be Wellesley road

  • Comment Link mohamed kamal mohamed warsame LOL 02 April 2017 posted by mohamed kamal mohamed warsame LOL

    I really enjoy it but did we say keeping animals in zoo

    25 October 2016 posted by Camron
    Should or shouldn't
    Animals be kept in zoos?

    Some people say that animals should be kept in zoos and some people say that they shouldn't.This argument will show the two different points of view of people on this subject.

    Some people say that animals should be kept in zoos because it could help them to live longer because they wouldn't be on the list of prey,this could also help endangered species.As well as that,it can also help animals to get to know humans better.On the other hand,some people think that they shouldn't be kept in zoos because it will slow down or stop the animal from reaching their full potential prey or predator and being kept in a small enclosed area and having no free roaming isn't very nice.

    So after reading this do you or don't yo think animals should be kept in zoos?

    I think zoos animals should be kept in zoo because I have learned more about adaptations

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